DFC #324

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Grocery Tip #6: You can always check to see if a melon is ripe by tapping on it.Heath

"Was this what Daddy meant when he said he had a 'kinky afternoon' planned for us?"ks

"Hey, Mom, if I've got fishing line in my hair, does that mean my head is reeling? Get it? reeling? Christ, you're no fun when you're hungover."hangtownman

What was to be Jeffy's first fishing lesson became his first experience with garrotting.Pastor of Muppets

The Amazing Family Circus #2 - Dolly finds her mutant power: The ability to entangle any long object. Knotgirl is born!Mr. ?

Your fishing line, too? I think someone here pissed off the Pasketti Fairy.The Outsider

Hey, Thel, did Uncle Roy borrow your Wonderbra again? You're looking right puny.malachi constant

"Knot Me!"Dan Jones

A fishing rod, a hair brush, Dolly's pestering, and Thel's near fatal hangover. "Hmmm," Jeffy thought, "That girl's asking for a world of hurt."Rev. B

Dang, you must have about five panels' worth of clouds stuck in that reel!Namgubed the Merry Elf

"Clarence Thomas visited you too?"Boner Cunningham

In an ill-conceived attempt to cut his workload, Bil briefly tried drawing his cartoons with the aid of a Spirograph.ks

On one occasion, Mrs. Keane struggled for over an hour to repair a fishing rod, while her daughter stood there with a fishhook embedded in her scalp. --From Child Protective Services Case File #47LD0ks

So how many pounds test IS your pubic hair?Gen. Sedgwick

"I like my fishing line the way I like my men: thick, black, and twisted."ks

"If you're havin' trouble with those knots, I think Daddy's got some Boy Scouts in the woods over there."ks

When you asked if I knew how to get Daddy's rod loose from the fly, I assumed...Gen. Sedgwick (someone had to say it...)

HELP ME!!! I'm Degenerating into a SCRIBBLE!!!!Terminus

You wouldn't still have that bottle of "Gee, Your Hair's Totally Lenny Kravitz," would you?Orrin Bloquy

Psst, Mom, next time the phone rings while Dad's drawing the strip? Could you remind him to put the pen down?Trism

"Give me two melon-headed children and a sturdy boat," Thel growled, "and I'll catch yer shark for ye."bandit

After due consideration I have come to the conclusion that Hemingway was full of shit.Gen. Sedgwick

That's what we get for bringin' Uncle Roy! His idea of fishin' is scannin' the Lunch Specials at Alioto's while flirtin' with the waiter!Vice Pope Doug

Mommy? If a bear obvussly thinks that Barfy is a girl dog, can Barfy have bear puppies, if he lives?Vice Pope Doug

My, we're all covered with Difficult Zone!Xebec

Finally, on the fourth day, Thel's meditation on the knot achieved its desired result, and the incessant babble of her children faded off into the silence of the Eternal One.me, myself, I

"So. You've got to handle short curly fuzzy hair-like things around a round lump-like object attached to a long pole. Dad's really not taking the separation well, is he?"tv's Spatch

This is ridiculous! Why won't Bil just cough up the $50 to have us de-wormed?Ratman

"Kinda reminds you of those hungarian gals we met at the Indigo Girls concert, eh?"twomp

"Man, we'd better spring for some new line. That ratty old shit couldn't haul a K through calm water. Remember what happened last time we let Carlos down."M

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