DFC #33

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

And we won't stop until we find Billy's other fingers.Tom Jenkins

Well, I'm looking at a couple fucking like no tomorrow, so there!studly

I don't think used condoms count as scenery.Mark T.

In the trees, shithead! The birds are in the TREES!Pastor of Muppets

Oh, look. _Another_ 'center-of-gravity' joke opportunity.anon

I know I said the planes would be coming in below radar, but REALLY...anon

Decent background...amusing designs in clear view...Jeffy begging for an "anal-sex" joke. Altogether not a bad day.Bob Anonymous

Decent background...but Jeffy is begging for an "anal-sex" joke. Yep, it's the DFC again.Bob Anonymous

I told you, you little shit, one more "wow...she's got bigger tits than Dolly" comment and I would shove those binoculuars down your throat. Just be thankful you're not pulling them out of your ass.The Unmasked Revenger

Daddy look! he's casting a shadow!Judge Dredd

Dammit, this is the third time the Gimp has escaped. That bamboo cage of yours can't hold anyone.DMW

You know, I thought it was bad enough when Dad started wearing the purse, but I think the lipstick is a little over the top.Tuktoyuktuk Head

Idiot! Never bend over like that when Daddy's in his purse carrying mood!anon

Dammit, Dad! Here comes a buttload of "peeping tom" captions! Thanks a lot!Lord G

Wow, Dad. A forest glade. You're getting pretty artistically ambitious.Toozday

He's using his thermos to shoot down aliens again. Hurry up an' find his medication.zazu

"How come Jeffy gets a shadow and I don't?"Mr. Clean

"Dad, I think Jeffy got your phony binoculars with the booze inside."Mr. Clean

Ah! Springtime and love is in the air! Daddy peeps in on Mrs Bumstead, I ogle that fat chick in the Cathy strip and Jeffy gets to watch a couple bugs hump!paTRICK heSTER

As little Jeffy leaned over farther and farther, Dolly's telekenisis was stretched to its excruciating, mind-searing limits to prevent him from falling and driving his binoculars into his brain.Pete B.

Better, but those glutes could still use some more definition.Pete B.

Look for yourself, Jeffy. The pants Dad is wearing now are the same that Mom is wearing in cartoon #32. I'm telling you, something about this just doesn't _feel_ right!BK

It was not a come-on to Hilda. I was just weighing myself, dammit.Horselover Fat

But where da- waaaiit! Hold the caption! Jeffy's gotten into my stash again.anon

"Rubes" is lame today. Can you see "Dilbert" yet, Jeffy?Fork

Yo, Leewenhoek! Rent a clue!anon

You know, when you trip over a rock and have those things shatter in your eyes, I'm gonna die of laughter.Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

"Uh oh...umm...Hey, Dad! Just out of curiousity, how long do you have to stare at the sun before you go blind?"Felix W.

"Bird," Jeffy, not "turd."ewhac

Jeffy, you're defying gravity again. All the DFC'ers will notice...ewhac

"Don't bother looking--it's not like Bil drew any birds in."Larry Hastings

Have you noticed how many "friends" Daddy runs into in the woods since he bought that purse?anon

Here we go. Now I have to say stupid things about my brother's butt for all the DFC people. Sigh.anon

Daddy? Billy's doing that weird gravity-defying walk again!zed

C'mon...say it...I've got a head like a #@%$ing watermelon...SOMEBODY'S gotta say it...you know you want to...might as well get it over with...zed

Jeffy, If you keep walking around like that, Bill will have you transferred over to the Katzenjammer kids. It looks bad for our image.Adam-Assad GAHA

It's not fair.. everyone has a flask of booze disguised as binoculars but me!patrik

Pull up your pants PJ, you're not a plumber.Pete Coppenrath

Uh, Dad? Tell me about Newton's laws again... They do apply to little brothers, don't they?Phooeycault

You know, a few less IQ points and they'd have to hang a bell 'round your neck.anon

The way I figure it, they won't be all that upset if we don't find PJ. I heard he was an "oops" anyway. MechaGumby

...And then there were two. Heh heh.MechaGumby

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