DFC #337

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"I planted a chinese 'Happy Tree', and the soil content killed it. Is that depressing or what?"Magus

"Why suuuuure! It's completely safe to walk on." hangtowmman

Water? I didn't use water. Oh, you're outta vodka.Yakko

"Standing in the dirt / your shoes will fill up with mud / I will laugh at you. Haiku!"Westur the Unspeakable

It's all speculation mind you, but my theory is that there are alternate universes encased in a shape like this. Possibly even 3 of them strung together in a row.bobo

Mud on shoe, mate!Reverend Wholesomeness

"... an' after we ate the mice, Kittycat showed me how to bury my droppings. She's a much better mother than Thel."tgapds

"Have a good trip. Don't worry about the cartoon while you're gone, I've got a whole shitload of fresh ideas..."Heath

You really can't tell the difference, can you? This is a hole in the ground.Gen. Sedgwick

"It's the Slough of Despond. You might find it convenient to wallow in it." Roscoe

"It's my birthday! Draw me Sharon Stone -- right there!"Heath

Mom bought us a junior archeologist kit. By the way what does a shred of dignity look like?CrumbCake

"It's a blank, empty spot devoid of all humor or meaning. I figured you might get two or three dozen panels out of it."hangtownman

I didn't want to go with the marygolds at first, but Mom said that there was too many damn pansies in the house already.bobo

It's going to be a "vegetable garden." The steady diet of government cheese and amphetamines around here is getting pretty fucking old.kanemochi_B

I just planted a 'PJ' tree!sammy mazola jr

I roped off a section for your fan club meeting. As you may note, I was pretty generous with the space allocation.Coyote

The cops cordoned it off this afternoon. Do you think they're onto what we did to Schultz?Riff

You said you wanted'a poke me in a dirty spot. How's this?weezer

"The cornfield was gettin' full, so I wished Dolly an' PJ into Mom's marigolds."it's a good life

Yo, Sasquatch! Stop trudging over my sensi crop! buzz lightbeer

Ze others vere digging a tunnel, Herr Kommandant. Should ve flood it and drowns zem like rats or should ve just throw zem in ze cooler?bobo

Dad, look! That new dog food gave Barfy explosive diarrhea! It was the coolest damn thing I've ever seen!!Kurt L.

Look dad, I planted some tomatoes and... hey, wait a sec. Where the hell are you coming from? You work at home, remember?Kurt L.

You're the replacement Bil? Good. Just so you know, the old one's buried here, so don't start any trouble!Nethicus

I took the rest of the horizon to build my fort. I'll put it back when I'm done.alanon

You're MINE Keane. When you step into this ring Monday night you better bring everthing you got. You will know pain Keane, you will know.VitaminTom

I'm so sick of this slit latrine, you cheap bastard. When are we gonna get indoor plumbing?Gen. Sedgwick

Sure, go right ahead; they're right down there. Or if you want your glasses back bad enough, I could be persuaded to retrieve them... for a small fee, of course.Gen. Sedgwick

You didn't really think you can kill a high lord of the undead , did you?Mr. ?

Bil never saw Billy's fist expand to five times normal size, or the killer left hook. Mr. ?

It was so funny. I should have though to put quicksand on the neighbor's lawn years ago. Mr. ?

"Home from work already Dad? Sheesh, who'd a thunk those words would ever come outta my mouth? This 50's flashback is seriously messing with my head!"Shifter

It's a nut sak garden. They should start tripping by the third week of spring.agm

"I want these quarters standing tall by 0900. Report to me then. AND WITHOUT THAT PLEDGE PIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"Tillman

Geez, thought Bil, I need to call the contractors and have this circle let out a little.phil

You see? I point my finger and it repels your featureless void. How will your powers save you now, Cartoonist Man?!!phil

The Killer Space Needle waited quietly in the background. It's time would come....phil

Yup, right in the cesspool. I guess here's where we find out how badly you need your fix after all, Junkieboy!So It's Come To This

"Can't you hear PJ's heart, Bil? Thump-thump... thump-thump... thump-thump..."The Great and Powerful Danny Sichel

"The shroud of Pigpen!"Dave Matthews

"It's a melon patch. All it needs is your seed."grobnious

"...and then I buried what was left in this shallow grave. So what did you do today, dad?the skyclad answer

The idea that the kids weren't his was nothing new to Bil, but suddenly it seemed the longer he stared, the more Billy looked like the neighbours pet monkey.the skyclad answer

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