DFC #34

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Yes, Ms. Anson IS very beautiful, but she's got a hole like the fucking Grand Canyon.Phaze

Psst! The answer she's lookin' for is "pubic mound."anon

Check those things out! Somebody sure as hell had some elective surgery over Christmas break!VIncent Van Gopher

Billy, finally succumbing to years of repressed urges, tenderly blows in Ralph's earRIPCORD

Yeah, that's right fuckface, pretend you don't hear me. But, my hand to God, you don't come up with that 15 large you owe Mr. Scarpetti, you'll be getting your next history lesson in fuckin' braile!Ripcord

how many think that dyke with the butch haircut needs one in the mouth?anon

Heck...I didn't know teachers got wedgies!anon

I'm telling you, that substitute is the first girl John Leslie fucks in Talk Dirty to Me. I've stolen the tape outta my Dad's sock drawer enough to recognize that view from behind anywhere.Bill Hunter

Meet me on the playground when the bell rings. We'll cut class and go down to look in bushes under the railroad bridge where Keith saw a dead body yesterday.Scavenger

Yo hooomes, man, wassup, nigga?! Sheeit, I can't wait to get home and get all dis fuggin makeup off. Aint this the sheeit when black men like us gotta dress up as whites jus to go to skoo? Sheeiit..and they don't even know that our teacher is the most powerful gangsta biachch this side of LA. Ha..they aint got know idea how many of us there are....Lyrical Gangsta

Ever noticed how all of the kids in the remedial clases have gigantic heads?Matt Smith

Man, if she keeps a wigglin' like that, I'm gonna put a stiffy right through my desktop.anon

You call me "one nostril freak" one more time and Dolly'll be rippin' your balls off at recess!BK

Yea, they hire 27 year old blond teachers that don't wear panties and the school board still can't figure out why we can't read.BK

We really probably should tell someone about Ms. Hoover's problems, but I'm kind of amused that she keeps forgetting to wear pants to school.Greg J

Psst..Tommy..I forgot. Is it "kill the bitch then rape her" or "rape the bitch, then kill her?"Bob Schmalfeldt

I hate all this "revisionist" history! When will teachers laearn that Buchanan was right when he said the holocaust never happened?Greg J

You know, ever since the teacher allowed the whole classroom to penetrate her anally, I sense a feeling of discontent among the pupils.James Dirmeyer

I'm gonna chuck this hypo at Miss Warner's ass... I don't see how I can *possibly* miss.anon

Heather has two Mommies. Pass it on.The Lawyer

Having a sub from Peanuts wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that damned voice.DMW

Class sure has been quiet since Jeremy blew his head off.Tuktoyuktuk Head

No, she's just really far away. Maybe if these inner city classrooms weren't so goddamn crowded, Miss Johnson might not look small enough to fit in your fucking hand.Tuktoyuktuk Head

Teacher! Billy's blowing kisses at me again!!anon

No, I haven't got the fucking Motts. Very funny, Ted. I still have an ounce of that Acapulco Gold left, if you want it.Mr. Groovy

At lunch, all us aryan kids are gonna pound that one black-haired hebe...The Sandman

Yep, she's doin' half the school board!anon

Religion is the opiate of the masses! Pass it on!Capt. phealy

See you after school, Twinkie. Bring a bag for your teeth.Roy

Dude, you got burned on that blotter you gave me during recess--I feel like hell!Adam Schabtach

Normally I don't do business at school, but you're a friend: 50 bucks and I'll put you in my next cartoon...just don't tell nobodyPbYaga

"...and I hit him like this, crushing his windpipe. He gurgled as he died. So, wanna see a movie?"Felix W.

I got left back because I throttled the last little shrimp who asked me what I was still doing in the 4th grade.GRIM!

"This is rich. Imagine Bil making me take an art class!"Blake

I can't quite read the board, but I think she's talking about the development of perspective in art.Trism

Yea, I know it's dorky; my mom made me wear it, and she was pretty fuckin' shitfaced this morning.Craig

Hey, that's pretty cool, Uri! How long can you hold that wine glass up there, anyway?Craig

"I don't care what she says; basic math isn't that big a deal. I've been in this class for 32 years, and I ain't needed no learning yet."Paul T. Riddell

Psst! Wanna smoke a bowl at lunch?anon

Yup, I'll bet Miss Johnson is a screamer.Boschcat of the Apocalypse

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