DFC #349

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

One of us here is not like the others, one of us here can procreate...R.J.M.

Dolly and Barfy had their differences, but they managed to agree on one thing: if Bil wasn't going to give them very many penlines, then with the help of a large, portable blender, nobody was going to get very many penlines.Jamey "Crisis" Powell

"Look, you have nothing to worry about. It's just a cold sore, I swear."Not the Messiah

"...inferior reasoning skills, no prehensile digits, and you still walk on all fours. On the other hand, you can lick yourselves."Heath

"I think it's a cardboard cutout. But there's no sense risking our lives for a mere cookie."anon

She just delivered her kitties in the sink. Dibs on hitting the disposable switch!Schmuck

Dr. Seuss's little known work, The cat on the counter just went in the blender.Mr. ?

...and by the time I'm in high school, you'll all be dead...R.J.M.

In one magical moment, their eyes locked--and it was love. Shunned by a world that refused to understand, Dolly and Barfy's flight from persecution will open your mind and touch your hearts. --promotional materials from the Bestiality Conference funded short film Woman In HeatLarry Hastings

"Bet ya can't eat just one!"The Mad Whacker

Kittycat's savoir faire rips off my dress and taunts me. How about you?NME--

I submitted 17 straight "pussy" captions. What are you in for?Peon

Christ Barfy! Are those your hips or did you swallow an anchor?Opie

This is the first time Bil drew me with opposable digits and the ability to touch my hands behind my back. I figured I'd show off.Darth Vader, Lord of the Dance

Dolly had no choice but to obey the reigning cats and dogs.Gen. Sedgwick

Excuse me, is that Bugle Boy Flea & Tick spray you're wearing?Nethicus

Nothin'. I just wanted to stand next to someone whose hips are wider than mine for a few minutes.Vice Pope Doug

During the '60s, R. Crumb prevailed on Bil Keane to drop acid. Crumb found it artistically liberating, but the only effect on Keane seemed to be an obsessive interest in detailing dog fur and cabinet handles. Horselover Fat

"wE haVE YoUr dAUghTer. if yOU Ever wANT to seE Her agAiN, SEnd MEaT. --THe pets."Heath

Note the gentle demeanor and the well-developed haunches. Gentlemen, what am I bid?Gen. Sedgwick

While bold in its conception, Dolly's First Annual Housepet Fashion Show was a dismal failure. Barfy dismissed her designs as derivative, Sam declined to place even a single order, and the model stopped frequently on the runway to lick her anus.me, myself, I

"My ass is so sore, Barfy..." Dolly began, the tears welling up in her eyes; "...But what the hell do you know? You're just a damn dog!" Ah, but Barfy knew, all right. Barfy knew only too well.Generik

"What the fuck are you looking at?"-me too

Listen Mutt: quit staring at the zit on my cheek or the next panel is going to be a family dinner scene with you conspicuously absent. Comprende?ferret

"So...Barfy. Kittycat tells me that you and Sam got your asses kicked by Brown's beagle. Yep...that little swisher of a beagle whupped your ass proper, right, Kittycat? Boy, I'd be pissed if someone named 'Snoopy' kicked my ass..."Paul "Dog Day Afternoon" Reed

"Even if there is more than one way, we'll never know... We've only got one cat." Deiphage

"Whatever Kittycat got tutored in at the vet's sure made him mad. I guess ignorance really is bliss, huh?"Deiphage

How would I know what is on the damn counter? I'm just as short as you are.bobo

"Uhh, pull my tail?" Aw, don't look at me like that, Barfy. Ever since Catbert bought controlling interest in the syndicate that's the best line I've had all month.bobo

"Sam & Barfy" was supposed to be a person-free spinoff. He had agreed to the Kittycat cameo, but now, Barfy's agent had some explaining to do.phil

As Dolly prattled on and on about p'sghetti, Barfy thought sadly, "What a boring little shit! It's no wonder even her own family shuns her."hangtownman

"All I really need for the ritual is the head. You guys work out the rest among yourselves." Down the hall from Dave

And as you can see Professor Barfy, my experiment to create a house cat with the facial features of Clint Eastwood was a success...Opie

"This standing-at-attention is bullshit. I say we frag Sergeant KittyKat."Stealth

"I'd tell her to get down, but, after that little incident with Jeffy and the backscratcher, I'd rather keep my skin on my body, thanks much."Stealth

Barfy sniffed, "Sorry, old girl, but Sam and I will be consuming the entire cat. You don't give us table scraps, we don't give you entrails."Stealth

Kittycat's wearing a dashing little tabby-striped number from Armani that's purr-fect for lounging around the house during the day or toss on a smart jacket and you're ready for prowling and yowling the night away...Opie

They 'cided that anyone who has sex from the rear is Satanic. So, they locked us all in the laundry room for the weekend.Vice Pope Doug

Yup. Distemper shot for me, too. That Marmaduke sure does get around, huh?Vice Pope Doug

"Kill."Jamey Powell

"WHOA!!...uh, sorry about that...just a vertigo attack...man, I gotta learn to get used to this perspective thing...Jamey Powell

"And so then I says to Kittycat, 'How'd you like me to have you STUFFED?' and Kittycat goes, 'I'd like to SEE that...' and then.. you know the rest."anon

"Sorry. This counter's for cats only. You'd best back off and try that counter over there, near the back."anon

Don't be ridiculous, animals don't get good agents. Daddy's just doing the "how to draw cats" section of his correspondence course.Norm DePlume

"I see. Then perhaps you'd prefer something in more of a Siamese?"Larry Hastings

"Aren't these places phony?"Larry Hastings

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