DFC #350

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Conjoined twins share the same heart: The dangers of beastiality.Seamus

124 beats per second. Let's see what happens if you crack open another ampule.Gen. Sedgwick

"Hmm. Third and forth spinal sections shattered, 2 rib bones chipped, and a popped spleen. You're improving, Billy. Let's get another cat and try again."Magus

oh baby, Im' sorry! I didn't mean to hit you! You're my baby! Don't cry! -- Jeffy Keane as Ike Turner in What's Love Got to do with it , Keane-Style!anon

Jeffy's glee at Kittycat's attention would soon fade, as he realized he just spent 3 months' allowance on catnip.alanon

Yeah yeah, look smug, kittycat. There were once a bunch of Jeffy cartoons posted in succession, too. Now what? Nothin.' Just the occasional camping trip and wheelbarrow ride.ol' franklin

Nooo, that's not it...nope...no...Ah ha! Here it is! Hey Dolly, wanna see a cat's heart?The Mighty J

Gee, you're even fuzzier than Dolly's back!Namgubed the Merry Elf

This could be the start of a beautiful tennis raquet!Namgubed the Merry Elf

"C'mon, kittycat, let me up. That's it, get off. Let me up, Kittycat. I really need to pee, Kittycat. Good kitty. Let me up. Pleeeeeeease let me up." Crazy Climber

So, by buying shares in companies that historically give high dividends, we'll be able to weather the coming bear market since these firms typically ourperform the market? Thanks, Kittycat! You're the bestest fund manager ever!bobo

The velocity of Billy's return throw was so great that it knocked Jeffy back several feet.Deiphage

This touching photo was taken just seconds before Jeffy's sudden and unexpected vasectomy........Oh Dear

It just goes to show that a cat's love is unconditional...whether you're a cute, normal kid or a lumpy-headed, sausage-armed, club-footed mongoloid floating around in a soap bubble...B. L. Zabob

"Okay, fucker, time to see how many stars you've got inside."Heath

The Family Circus Cave-In episode featured this touching scene when Jeffy, delirious from the depleted oxygen in the featureless void, confides in Kitty all the things he likes about Australia.Heath

"Two nostrils! Two wonderful nostrils! I can smell more of life now!" (Music up) Look great...at a low rate...with Doc Cuth...bert..son! (Voice-over) The Dr. G. Henry Cuthbertson Center for Reconstructive Melonhead Surgery, Northstrip Shopping Center, minutes from the sewage plant. Dave Matthews

"Felines... nothing more than... felines..."Gen. Sedgwick

"I'm Jeffy K. and I love my kitty / so much that I wrote this street-rhymin' ditty / enough with the drugs and the booze and the buggerin' / now I'm down with some phat kitty huggerin' !" Vice Pope Doug

"Catnip in my shorts. Works every time."hangtownman

Even though it tested through the roof with his focus group, Jeffy's Tuna Night cologne was a commercial disaster.hangtownman

Ahhhh, your purring sounds just like grampa right before he died of pnemonia!R.J.M.

Jeffy drifts away to an evening of tangerine dreams in our latest sleepwear, the Cat's Pajamas - J. Peterman CatalogSean Q

Oh, come on, it's a really heartwarming cartoon. A little boy holding a nice cat, both of them happy, and you people have to make fun of it. What would Jesus say? By the way, do you think they do it doggy style, or would that offend the cat?Horselover Fat (aiming for the gutter in between the red and green asterisks)

"Niiiice KittyCat. Niiiice KittyCat. Let go of Jeffy's scrotum now, would you, niiiice KittyCat?"Bore

"You understand me in a way that Barfy never could. This time I'm leaving for good, I mean it."Splunth

"Number Four will now report on SMERSH activities in the Pacific Rim. Go ahead, Number Four."Larry Hastings

As Jeffy babbled about hearing his "motor running", Kittycat satisfied himself by pissing down Jeffy's shorts.Larry Hastings

Here's Jeffy about to learn that there are some spots on a cat you just shouldn't touch.Larry Hastings

"Who's a good kittycat? Who's a good boy? Why, that's you! And who's gonna come home from the Vet's tomorrow with his nads in a baby food jar?"tv's Spatch

"...I'm tellin' ya, it'll be a hoot. You dump in Thel's slippers, and I'll scream for her in the middle of the night..."Furr

"Suddenly, in a quiet week in April, the stardom got to Jeffy. He cracked. He'd spend all day singing love songs to the cat, in a deep baritone voice that Barry White would envy." from Thelma Keane's "He Used to be Such a Good Boy"the skyclad answer

That's it, Kittycat, you and me are friends, right? You and me are going to take over this strip, right?Joe Z

"And then there was the time that Jeffy was posessed by the ghost of Pepe Le Pew. Oh, the hours he spent trying to bone poor Kittycat! If it wasn't for the improvement in his manners, diction and body odor, we would have never noticed the difference." -- Excerpt from Touched by an Uncle: Jeffy's So-Called Life by William P. Keanebobo

Jeffy, distracted by the cat's softness and warmth, failed to notice Billy about to slam the dryer door shut.Who me?

"Happiness is a warm kitty and a morphine enema."Ponyboy2

Stupored by some bad 'ludes, Jeffy had already sung three verses of Kum Ba ya before he realized the ukelele had no strings.Heath

I don't know why Mommy says you're infested with ticks. I've been listening all morning and I haven't heard a damn thing yet!bobo

As seen in this image and in image #347, the young couple clearly exhibit the symptoms of a co-dependent relationship. Abuse, loving reconcilliation, and a return to the inevitable abusive pattern...The Cartoon Guide to the DSM-IVzen

So you'll put in a good word for me with the HR director?Gen. Sedgwick

After Roy's death due to a "long-term" illness, Sigfried valiantly, albeit unsucessfully, tried to keep the magic they once created in their bedroom alive.Opie

And I-i-i-i-i-i-i--i-i-i--i-i-i--i-i-i--i-i-willlllllllll always love youuuuuuuuuuuu....Opie

"You could always tell what stage of rehab Bil was in by the cartoons he would submit. In this one, we had to airbrush Jeffy's shorts back on him and crop out the toilet and the nudie mags. I don't know why we didn't leave Bil drunk. He's more nostalgic that way." - Anonymous Cowles Employeebobo

"C'mon, Kittycat! Just one "ACK!" Now that Bloom County and Outland are kaput, we could really increase our readership with a bizarre, frentic cat. C'mon! Gimme a "OOP-ACK!" or a "THPPPPT!"...Tillman

Sadly, Captain and Tennille's much vaunted comeback failed due to Toni Tennille's body hair problem.Diedi

After weeks of coaxing, Jeffy found an unwitting victim for the world's first earwig transfer.Gen. Sedgwick

Jeffy's 'roid rage kicked in with a vengance. It took three firemen and the Jaws of Life to pry Kittycat free.Horizontal Hold

Dolly! If you hold kittycat real close, you can hear your science project still kicking inside.kyosuke

Plate #2 in the heartwarming "Jeffy and Kittycat" series. Plates 3-91 may only be purchased by persons age 21 or older. All models over 18.phil

"An' when he comes out of the shower without his glasses, slip underfoot! The mice will be waiting in a paper bag in the basement."Who me?

Not only you have Grandpa's face, you have Grandpa's odor!Kevy

"Hey, Billy, get the hacksaw! Something sounds like it's shaken loose in there!"Who me?

Screw meth. Catnip fuckin' rocks!Vice Pope Doug

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