DFC #351

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"No, Jeffy plays with dolls. I keep that for voodoo."nine elle

Naw, that sound was ME coughing up a hairball... Trust me, don't ask...Doc Evil

"Do these sheets make me look fat?"Heath

Can I do it 'til I need glasses?Opie

Keane's subtle but striking imagery is evidenced in this panel as well; squint at it -- what at first appears to be a shaft of light striking Dolly in bed becomes a gigantic erect phallus. This was the panel which won Keane the NEA grant.Mycroft

"...and steady my father's hand and keep him sober, for of his ink are such as we. Amen."Randall

When you kiss me goodnight, will you please keep your tongue in your own mouth?R.J.M.

Sorry Mom. Billy's sleeping in my room tonight. Something about a better view of Cookie Bumstead's bathroom or something.Anastasia

Naw, those were Kittycats...Mine are silent.Doc Evil

Y'know how Kittycat's always licking his crotch? Well, I taught him that other crotches taste good too. Sorry about the noise!Joe Z

I wanna hear the one about Goldilocks an' the Three Dallas Cowboys again!Namgubed the Merry Elf

Oh Ferchristsakes! For the last time, stop listening to that crazy-ass polack of a grandmother of yours! Cats CANNOT steal people's breaths while they sleep!Opie

"Tell the client that everything is ready... an' give him a ten percent discount since we only have a cat o' one tail."Generik

I'd really like to lay down now. If you won't undo my ponytail, could you at least cut a slit in the pillow or something?Gen. Sedgwick

"What say tonight you be the Viking Queen and I be the Olympic Swimmer?"Heath

It's called an orgasm, Mom. Do yourself a favor and look into getting one someday.bobo

I had a terrible nightmare - It was two days before the final close and I had neglected to reverse my accruals from the previous month! My revenue and expense detail reports were completely off and I was going to have to reconcile the intercompany accounts! Buzz Lightbeer

"In this particular series, we see the sad life of feline sluts. A mere two panels ago, our subject, who we'll call "KittyCat" to protect his identity, had just met a young woman. Now, two panels and a homoerotic affair with the girl's brother later, we see him in bed in her. Sadly, this tragic story is played out all across America." -- Promotional literature from The Coalition to Stop Kitty PornGolfhaus

Oh, great, me in bed with a cat prominently featured. Paging Dr. Freud... Dr. Sigmund Freud...Gen. Sedgwick

Bring some melted cheese, an' let's have a little fromage trois, hehehehe.NME--

Was I sleep-yodeling again? Sorry to disturb you.Gen. Sedgwick

Sorry about the squeeky springs. I'm doin' my crunches. Trevita

...And if I die before I wake, then Kittycat slept on my face.bobo

"I was just thinking that, if Jesus died for my sins, then that goes for the future ones as well as those in my past, right? Just checking."Stealth

Kittycat found out that I was Jeffy's catnip source so he decided to cut out the middleman...Yakko

"Oh, no reason. I just like to fuck with you when you're trying to buck the old Horse."Stealth

"Mom, for the last time, I don't want a story. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM IS ON FIRE!"Magus

"You know, this scene would be a lot more touching if dad had saved enough ink to draw Kittycat a fourth limb."Magus

Geez, lady...with the light shining through your nightgown, I can see why Bil would rather go camping with Uncle Roy every night. And is your razor broken, or are you smuggling shrubbery in from Mexico?B. L. Zabob

"Is feline leukemia a sexually-transmitted disease?"M

"I think that Peeping Tom with the telescope is at it again. Shall we blow his little mind?"anon

an' then we burried kittycat, an' he came back, an'he ate barfy, so we clubbed kittycat, and bagged him an' thew him into the neighbor's pool, an' he came back, so can we keepit?Terminus

Hi, mom. Sorry to wake you, but I've been thinking about my proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, and I need to bounce some of the geometry against you. Shall we start with modular curves?Dan Jones

Melon Noir 1951 A quirky piece, featuring a female murderess (Joan Crawford) out to kill the only witness to her latest crime--a deformed blind girl. In this scene, tension builds when the girl confuses the murderess for her doting mother.Paul "Ebert" Reed

"...but not tap water. Be a dear and run down to the market for some Evian."Westur the Unspeakable

I don't know what Jeffy slipped in my p'sghetti either, but I've been awaked for four days, have a workable quantum field theory, balanced the Fed'ral budget through the year 2098, an' just finished grouting the bathroom.Vice Pope Doug

I just had dream where we were stuck in this circle for 40 some odd years. And you were there, and you and you...Mr. ?

And God bless Kittycat, and Raggedy Andy, and Barbie, and please kill Jeffy, and Billy, and.........Coyote

Oh, yeah, I was s'posed to r'mind you, you need to buy Dad some more ink.alanon

"Put an extra valium in Dad's milk for me? I've got two tests tomorrow and really need the sleep."Heath

Thel realized her mistake too late. "Damn," she thought. "Why did I buy that King size bed if the little melonhead will never grow to more than 2 feet tall?"Quantum

Mommy, I just figured out what's giving me my horrible back pain -- I sleep on a concrete monolith!phil

"Bil's trying the artsy-fartsy 'dark' thing again, huh? Anybody told him it sucks?"Not the Messiah

"You know, that haircut doesn't look nearly as awful in this light."Not the Messiah

Could you get Bil to turn down the contrast? I can't sleep like this.Furr

Day 120 of the hunger strike for better artistic rendering, and Dolly is still bloated.Pastor of Muppets

If Kittycat pisses in bed again, it will be her last time...I put on the 'lectric blanket!R.J.M.

"Bring me water. You have fifteen seconds, starting now. One...two..."Jamey Powell

Just kiss the cat goodnight, Mrs. Halitosis-of-Death!Namgubed the Merry Elf

"Mommy, KittyCat's tellin' m.......(I'm sorry I can't go on...the artwork in this panel is so bad that it hurts to look at it. I saw a chimp on "That's Incredible" who painted with his toes do better work than this.)Opie

Still half-asleep, she delightedly thought this was the Monolith arriving to shepherd her into Humanity's next step in its Cosmic evolution. As usual, though, it was just Thel sneaking in to harvest more hair for Korean wigmakers.Rotter

In this early work of Van Dyke, we see the beginings of his experiments with light and shadow. Unfortunately, he seemed to be a little hung up on the shadow part.TeenyLittleSuperGuy

"Ha-ha, Jeffy," thought Kittycat. "You are gone, but I'm still in the spotlight. Do you still think your agent is better than mine?"hangtownman

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