DFC #352

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

You can stop now. The protesters from PETA are leaving.Robert

Mommy, when I stand like this, do I look like more bold and less oval?Trevita

We did out best finding other things to hold out intrest, but it was becoming very hard to ignore Dolly's steroid abuse.Tyrant

"Hey, at least we can buy his love with food."hangtownman

"I know it's weird, but the NEA is paying me $20,000 a year to do it, so I figure, 'what the hell?'."hangtownman

"Nope," said Jeffy, "says Rat Poison clear as day. The cat shouldn't have any problem with it."Shifter

"It only took doing one cartoon with the Keane's in 1937 for Mickey to come crawling back to me. That was the last time that little Commie rat would try to organize a union in MY shop." - from "Of Mouse and Man" the autobiography of Walt DisneyDelsyn

"Wow!" Kittycat thought. "If I'm going to get treated like this, I'm never passing that balloon."hangtownman

You mean it's only an urban legend? It won't really work? Damn!Werehamster

"The earth feline entity consumes a wide variety of liquids and solids!" -- from Third Circle from the SunLost in Erehwon

Look, I know all about the sperm and the egg, and I can understand why dinner and drinks are represented as part of the process. But what the hell is Mickey Mouse doing in a sex ed tableau? Gen. Sedgwick

The Keanes completely misunderstood the concept of slipping the cat a 'Mickey'.Magus

For a heart-warming, Christian, family oriented comic strip that cat is one mean looking motherfucker. Opie

We found the dish and the spoon, but since we don't have a cow, we're going to settle for Kittycat and a bowl full of liquid rocket fuel. Mr. ?

Hey kids! You too can be a 'Lil Legal Eagle! Can you spot the unlicensed character in today's panel?Coalcracker

Barfy! Sam! Dinner!Anastasia

"Dudes, the pharmaceutical coke worked: Kittycat's playin' the tamb'rine with her tail!"Randall

Aw, great! Kittycat's been drinking again. PJ! Jeffy! Try to sober her up enough so we can finish today's shoot. Billy, get a urine sample and take it over to the lab. Will somebody call legal and get them over here! Christ, maybe we can sneak her into Betty Ford before the press gets wind of this.bobo

He followed us home. Can we eat him? PLEEEEEEEASE??Namgubed the Merry Elf

It's the reincarnation of Elvis! We have proof!!Namgubed the Merry Elf

For a limited time only! You can bring the magic of "Mickey Mouse visits the Family Circus" home for the whole family to enjoy! (Note: Scenes of Kittycat mauling Mickey may be too graphic for young viewers. Parental discretion advised.)Coalcracker

Usually the Keane kids' stupidity was cute...but when they tried to befriend a stray wolverine their ignorance proved deadly...Opie

"MOM! Just a few more bites before he bursts, 'n' then we can read his entrails 'n' guess the winning numbers in Powerball!"M. D. Sodd

After the trauma, molesters often try to bribe their victims. Kinda puts it in a new perspective, doesn't it?phil

Excellent... Kittycat didn't taste the gasoline at all!! This'll be the coolest microwave "accident" ever!!!Kurt L

A Mickey Mouse figurine, a harmonica, and one bigassed tapeworm. Don't worry Mom.........we'll get that wedding ring to come out any time now.furplay (when the fuck will I get a line up here?!?)

I guess it's fair that all three of 'em should stay involved till the paternity test comes back.Gen. Sedgwick

Tell that Frugal Gourmet bastard that Kittycat ain't eatin' the Coquilles St Jacques without the catnip pesto.Diedi

"I know the warehouse stores are cheaper, but how the hell is anyone supposed to handle a milk carton the size of Jeffy?"anon

Dad! Stop giving P.J. unatural motor control skills! You're freakin' me out!Lots42

"Of course we learned a valuable lesson when we overfed the goldfish. Can you 'magine how valuable a lesson this is gonna be?"El Kabong

You can stop crying now, Mom -- someone appreciates the placenta stew.Gen. Sedgwick

Billy's gold-prospector delusion would take over at the oddest times...Gen. Sedgwick

MOMMY! PJ's giving his Jack Daniel's to the cat again!Furr

"Hey, Mom! Check us out! We're evolving! A few more hours and we'll look like early Peanuts characters!"tv's Spatch

"Yeah, and in a few minutes, we're gonna try to get it stoned, too."tv's Spatch

Golly gee whiz! I wonder who might be possibly be sleeping with the cartoonist... The mind boggles...anon

Just making water balloons! Why?gack

"Mom, what's with Mickey Mouse? Did we get bought by Disney? I'm not dressing up in one of these sweaty costumes and I sure as FUCK ain't gonna be a dwarf!"HanoverF

"Kittycat sure likes this Bailey Cream!"M

Jeffy marveled at how fast a full plate of frothy diarrhea was produced once kitty cat's diet was changed from cat food to spoiled human food.A.S.Earles

I think she finally trusts us...quick, get the turpentine!R.J.M.

"Sir, your milk feed veal will be available in 15 minutes".Scoats

Though on some level Kittycat was aware that the family had recently converted to the ancient Aztec religion, she did not fully grasp the significance of that fact until, having lived like a queen for a full year, she was led into the dining room and quickly slit open, living just long enough to see her liver eaten with grave ceremony.me, myself, I

Well I STILL don't believe that Grandpa had any legal right to leave US to kittycat in his will!The Mad Whacker

It began so subtly, but Disney's eventual takeover of the Family Circus was inevitable ...Riff

Hey dad, where's the anti-freeze at?Coyote

The Keane children's fertilizer stand would soon be in business: PJ and Jeffy stuffed Kittycat full of beans and curdled milk, while Billy waited anxiously for Kittycat to deliver the product.Kakoulli

After last night, I figure he'd eat anything!NME--

"Hell, we should have seen it coming. With Kittycat getting a blitzkreig of attention, it was no wonder that Jeffy 'accidentally' dropped the carton of milk on the spinal cord. Later that night I could swear I heard giggling from Jeffy's room."-- from, Blessed are the Beasts, Pancho Jorge Keane, DVM.Coyote

"Sycophants," thought Kittycat. "They're all toadies and lickspittles. I own this strip now."Hugh Jass

He walked in on Bil and Roy and hasn't stopped gagging since.anon

We're celebrating, he just waxed that Brown kid's beagle.Coyote

We don't care if the ASPCA is on the way. The scene-stealing fur ball is going down.Stefan Jones

The kids, ever fans of classic cinema, prepare to reenact the "wine" scene from Caligulazen

MOM! You wouldn't belive what Billy's pulling out of Kittycat's butt!Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon

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