DFC #359

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"The only way I can figure it is Bil thought I said that I'd really love a 'cockatoo'."hangtownman

I know why the caged bird screams.Gen. Sedgwick

I was gonna send a video of this to "America's Funniest Home Videos", but I think I'll also send a copy to "When Animals Attack."Walrus

"Jeffy said something a couple of panels ago about 'sprained parrots'... but all I could find was a stressed budgie."LadyJ

"I think I'll name him 'Billy' because he spills his seed all over the carpet."hangtownman

"Kittycat didn't like his p'sc ... Waitafuckingminute! When did we get a dingo?"frood

"Not the burgundy, Mom. You serve white wine with cockatiel. Now go get the chablis!"Heath

Oh, you noticed the budgie? It's a prop I bought to show Jeffy. I wanted to graphically explain to him what an "expendable cast member" clause was all about.bobo

I don't know what's more exciting... the anticipation, or watching gran'ma whack the cat's ass with a broom?Namgubed the Merry Elf

"Hey, you only told me not to play with my food."eumenides in the fourth floor lavatory

But Mommm, Dennis Mitchell brought a bird skeleton to Show and Tell...Gen. Sedgwick

Nothin', really. Birdy's just learnin' that askin for crackers is okay, an' sayin' "pretty bird" is okay --- but comments about my weight and lifestyle choices are decidedly not okay.Vice Pope Doug

Today, the part of Polly will be played by a crack pipe.Lots42

After thousands of views from its usual position, The Family Circus finally sees a birdcage from the outside.Gen. Sedgwick

The over-under on Budgie's last chirp is 4:15. You want in on this?Gen. Sedgwick

This kicks National Geographic's ASS!!!R.J.M.

Le Cage Aux FoodR.J.M.

Don't eat that bird...you'll get chirpees!R.J.M.

It's part of my science fair project..."Natural Selection and the Master Race".Dan Jones

"Hoo boy! That cat looks like dad at a cub-scout troop jamboree!"Lord Zombie

Yeah, you wouldn't think it would be a fair fight, but that finch has a lot of rage to work out.L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg

Here we see Dolly's collection of rare animals: the majestic Australian Sweating Lark, the stately Syrian Frog-Cat, and of course, the Front-Vented Helmet-Haired Greater Frigid Hausfrau.L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg

Man! Three of P.J.'s fingers and he's still hungry!L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg

It's not what you think, Mom. KittyKat's just mezmorized by Dad's feeble attempt at drawing a cylander.Riff

"You did! You did taw a twisted pedophile, a drunken, slovenly tramp, and four misshapen melonheaded sadists! Oh yeah, and a puddytat, too."Desscribe

He's been sitting there pondering that whole "Is the bird in the cage or am I really caged by my instincts?" thing for hours.RoBear

Well, I realized that when you factor in shipping and handling, you could buy three parakeets for the same money as that "When Animals Attack" tape...Rotter

Kitty just ordered a molted milkshake. Get it?PhilBear

Let's go get Dad -- I heard him say he and Uncle Roy really identify with The Bird Cage...Gen. Sedgwick

I could've sworn I heard that cat say, "sufferin' succotash!"Namgubed the Merry Elf

"Steady...steady. Wait for the scent of fear to climax with my orgasm before you strike. Oh, hi, Mom!"helen keller, blind mute deaf eye of the tiger chick

It seems to be saying "Polly want crack."ChAoS

She keeps looking thoughtfully at the bird, then she suddenly smiles and writes down a nasty caption on a piece of paper. It's really kinda weird.zen

"No, I said that soon he'll be 'ripping this nuthatch in a frenzied display'. Why, what did you think I said?"hangtownman

"What a cool metaphor! Just like Bil and Jeffy!"Stealth

"Thel, call Warner Brothers and tell them, '$10 million in small unmarked bills, or Tweety'll be teeing a puddy tat from the inside."Stealth

"Now, who said birds can't sweat?"Stealth

"Geez, Mom, look at her. Nothin' more than a bird-burping gutter slut." Crazy Climber

"I just wired the cage to the wall outlet, this is going to be good."JohnBoy

"I've secretly repalced Kittycat's regular coffee with crystal meth. Let's see what happens next."Mrs. Foulger

Let's see that friggn' Woodstock cutsey his way out of this one!Coyote

When Kittycat realized he had just spent four hours staring at a garbage can, he knew he had scored some killer 'shrooms.Jamey Powell

I wanted t'watch "Wild Kingdom" and Billy wanted t'watch "Iron Cage Death Match Wrestle-mania," and all of a sudden it just HIT me...Kakoulli

The sight of bird cage brought a flood of memories to Thel's mind.....1974, The Hanky-Panky Lounge, strobe lights, a lithe young girl in a day-glo bikini dancing for the bikers,.....*sigh* I wonder if Maurice would hire me back?Opie

Note the subtle use of perspective in this cartoon, as well as the painstakingly drawn and anatomically accurate rendition of the crouched Kittycat. Given the tremendous outlay of his limited mental energy this required, is it any wonder that he completely forgot to draw the bird? -The Compleat Annotated Family Circus, by Prof. Geoffrey KeaneSean Q

"A cat the size of my 5 year-old-daughter eyeing a wire-mesh lunar landing module?...Okay, I really mean it this time," thought Thel "I will not eat any more worms out of the mescal!Opie

Somehow sensing that Dolly had left the cage door open for Kittycat, the Keane's resident population of cockroaches gathered in anticipation of leftovers.Podbeing

"It's my project for th' science fair. I put a stuffed Kitty in front of th' cage an' I'm gonna' see how long before Polly has a breakdown."Podbeing

Panicked by Kittycat's evil stare, Polly fouls the Keane's rug with an unfortunate case of the Green Parakeet Splatters. Podbeing

We've secretly replaced the Keane family pet with a wild ocelot. Let's see if anyone notices.Who me?

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