DFC #360

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Lighten up, Barfy! 'Hung like a horse' is a compliment!"Randall

Easy boy!! Easy! They have to fall asleep sometime!Joey Casz

Doesn't matter how far away you get, as soon as I loosen my grip you'll be covered in semi-digested Chunky Gravy Train, don't you remember the incident that gave him his name?Yakko

If this isn't a cry for help from Bil's sick pedaphilic subconscious, I don't know what is. anon

Wow! These kids are even better at making balloon animals than the clown at Quincy Market!Masshole

You worthless animals are going to learn to moonwalk if I have to rip your bodies off your necks!-Colon Bowel---

What the kids hear: " Woof! Woof! Snarl! Snarl!" What's really being said: " Obtuse and Vapid!?! How dare you portray Sartre as obtuse and vapid! Unhand me you cad! I shall thrash this impudent cretin within an inch of her life!"Opie

Not now, Barfy! The plan was to take them out one at a time in their sleep!El Comandante

For the love of God, Dolly -- let him finish the job!! You already had to roll up Kittycat's 'testines an' put 'em back in --- so this is just a guess, but I would say the prognosis is prob'ly NOT good!Vice Pope Doug

"Run, Dolly! Run! Barfy's eaten all of Dad's viagra!"Caption Salvage Crew

I'm sorry, Barfy, but it's true. Dolly does get all the pussy.Mr. Ben McClellan

Barfy never appreciated it whenever someone declined to "pull his paw."Mr. Ben McClellan

I can't help it! Barfy smells a Difficult Zone!Coalcracker

"While Bil Keane tries to hide his political affiliations, it is reflected in his body of work. In this illustration from Keane's novel, Farm Animal Circus, the will of the proletariat is shown being restrained by the Capatalist system, while the ruling class is clearly a puppet of the uncaring bourgeoise." from Keane Observations of the Human Condition by Dr. G. Cuthbertson. bobo

Mortal Kircus, the game where melonheaded combatants, float, morph into animals, and beat the crap out each other. Mr. ?

Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bury him in that old, abandoned pet cemetary. Mr. ?

"Whoa boy, that's Dolly! You're just smelling John Tesh 'cause that was her nooner!"Heath

"Seven seconds? Dang! I'll bring that bronc to heel yet!" thought the Kittycat Kid as the Pet Rodeo clowns did their work.Namgubed the Merry Elf

Barfy flashes back to his time in 'Nam where the MPs taught him to sniff out illicit brothels. hangtownman

Billy discovered all to well how is cosmic ray experiments worked. Barfy could elongate his body, and soon became knon as "Mr. Fanstas-mutt".Nethicus

While Billy wrestles with the rabid Barvarian Bear-Hound, I'll be back at base camp grooming my de-clawed tranqed-out kitty. Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Keanedom"Opie

From The ASPCA First Aid Manual: "(d) Neither is correct. A proper Heimlich grip must always be below the diaphragm"Gen. Sedgwick

If you can't make at least 3 captions out of this picture, you are on the wrong web page.Treb

Animal Control soon removed Barfy for his own safety. Strangely, the sickly and feces covered P.J. still remained in the home.Lots42

KittyKat could only stare in confusion. It seemed like just yesterday she was Queen of the place. Had her own army that would stand at attention as she marched up and down the cabinets giving inspirational speeches. Her servants fed her from milk cartons as big as little boys. Now there was mutiny in the ranks and she had to be quitely hustled off to the waiting helicopter, what had happened?Yakko

Barfy, DON'T!! It was Lebanese terrorists that killed those marines way back when -- Dolly an' her .... people ... don't do stuff like that!! Sorry, Dolly -- we were watching a special on the 'scovery channel.Vice Pope Doug

Oh, great. You HAD to bring that up. You know it enrages him to hear that we're not having Kittycat fixed!Furr

Barfy, NO! Is a few moments of flesh-rending pleasure worth being put to sleep?!Furr

I'm sure she meant "Ugly bag of fleas" in a nice way....Furr

Hey, can *I* help it if she prefers to play with housebroken pets?!Furr

As much as Billy tried, Dolly always won the "Look Like Your Pet" contests.L. Fitzgerald Sj÷berg

Damn, I haven't seen a look like that since mom flushed dad's stash!R.J.M.

But you hafta play hide-an'-go-seek! I just spent twenty minutes gettin' Barfy locked onto your scent."Sean Q

"Dammit, I don't care if she gave you the signals, no means no!"Ace McKinney

Oh, shit. I've seen Old Yeller and I know where this is heading...Gen. Sedgwick

Impressive, thought Dolly. Billy's wrestling a wild animal with his bare hands. And he's wearing pumps.nine elle

"I warned ya! Didn't I warn ya, Dolly? Don't never make fun of a man's shortcomings!"M

Easy, Boy, she's not really a non-violent protester. Sheesh, you can take the dog out of the K-9 Unit,...Sean Q

"Of course he's mad! That stupid cat just ate the last of his 'ludes!"Spud Boy

"Dolly, you'd better wipe that blank, vacant look off your face, Barfy thinks you're a Jehovah's Witness."Sean Q

Fuck! Looks like one of the condoms broke inside his stomach. So much for that stash.Riff

Hold it Barfy, hold it! Save it for Jerry Springer.Oprah

It doesn't hurt 'em if you hold them like this.Lyndon B. Johnson

Dolly was pretty dissappointed this wasn't what she imagined when Billy said she could watch him "choke the dog". Crackhead Jonny(left out the "pussy" reference, but failed on other levels)

It took Bil three pencils and a spool of thread to get Dolly's face back on after Barfy "wiped" the smirk off.Coyote

Note to myself: Never EVER give the dog Viagra!Doc Evil

The family eventually came to regret introducing barfy to erotic asphyxiation.bandit

Billy Sawyer tried and tried, but even his rodeo skills weren't enough to win the affection of little Dolly Thatcher.M

"It was the oddest dream I ever had. My phallus emerged from my trousers as an angry dog, viciously trying to attack my sister's cat, or 'pussy.' I knew then that I desperately needed therapy." Boy in the Bubble: A Memoir by William Keane, Jr.Podbeing

See Billy's Rottweiler....Run Dolly, Run...See dolly's kitty....Chew Rottweiler, chew! Excerpt from The New Adventures of Dick and Jane Ded_fetus

PJ wants his breath back -- now.Gen. Sedgwick

Barfy says his heartworms can kick the crap outta KittyCat's puny fleas and ticks any day of the week & twice on Sundays!agm

"My friend here finds it hard to believe you both have headaches."Mr. Notlob

"See! See! A neck! They do exist!"nine elle

"Okay, you grab it by the neck and squeeze really tight. See how the legs twitch involuntarily? Now you try."Noonch

"Look, it's over, okay? She's found someone else. Let's go check out that Doberman babe down the street, huh?"Shem

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