DFC #361

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Billy was able to make Kittycat disappear and then reappear, but his career as a magician ended after he tried to saw a rabbit in half and pull Dolly out of a hat.Elkman

MOM-MEE! Look what we found down by the docks, foaming at the mouth and feeding on wharf rats. Can we keep him?Anastasia

"É il Duce!"M

"Mo-om! It's the other white meat!"Rabbi-Baby Buggy Bumpers

No Dad, Kittycat STILL hasn't passed yer goddamn quarter! And YES, Billy's still in position! Jeezus...Doc Evil

Kittycat kicked Garfield's ass, AND ate his lasagna!NME--

As Billy brought a new pet cat into the house, P.J. raised his foot in eager anticipation. "Hope this one makes a funny noise too!" he fiendishly thought.Mr. Ben McClellan

Mom! Call 911! Billy's breaking the 'straining order again!bobo

"Kitty, Kitty, uber alles..." Pete

Mo-o-o-m! Billy's telegoosing me!Destroyer

"We found a way out of the circle. Unfortunately it leads to Branson, MO, so we've decided to stick it out with you perverts after all."nine elle

Hey Ma! Look what the cat REFUSED to drag in!Doc Evil

"Haircut? Check," thought PJ. "Overalls? Check." Just one last run through the routine and he'd be off to the jug-band audition and, with a little luck, away from this strip forever.hangtownman

A horrified Dolly realizes that it did have her tongue.Gen. Sedgwick

Good news! We found Daddy, but after he pissed Broom Hilda off...Mr. Ben McClellan

"It's der Fuerher!"yelled Dolly as PJ goosestepped after his mentor and Billy and Jeffy attempted enthusiastic, if inaccurate, salutes.Nervous Tick

In this illustration from Darwin's Origin of the Species, we see how a modern-day cat evolved from the more primitive Melonheadus Anthropodus.Coalcracker

Not Me joins the game of "duck, duck, goose".Gen. Sedgwick

"My secret salute / Kittycat's excited grin / The first to go: Sam." -- P.J. Keane: A Biography in Haiku, p. 27 Crazy Climber

"Mom? Take your choice. Either it's one spaying or three neuterings."Who me?

No cats were actually morphed with Carol Channing during the making of this panel.Opie

"Jesus," thought Sam. "They made ME crawl through barbed wire and rusty fishhooks to get in."Diedi

The Keane kids don't get many endorsements in the States, but as you can see, they were a big hit in Southeast Asia with their "Cat: The Other White Meat" campaign.phil

The Tree leaned forward anxiously. The door was open and the children were distracted. This might be its big chance...Podbeing

Kittycat is trippin' on some catnip in the middle of kid play!R.J.M.

"MOM, We Got the cat fixed did'nt we? Dear Lord please tell me we got the cat fixed!"HanoverF

I may be just a goddam cat's doorman now, Jeffy thought, but at least I don't have to follow the mangy furball around and catch his droppings before they touch the ground. Shem

We've secretly replaced Dolly's Monistat-7 with new Super Icy-Hot. Let's see if she notices...hangtownman

Pavlov's Journal, day five: I have trained the small yellow-haired subject, designated 'Billy', to release the cat into the controlled environment on cue, but to date the hideously ape-like subject, designated 'Dolly', will not engage in the bloody carnage I'd hoped for, instead hopping about lik an addled cockroach. I will continue to observe...Julian Wells

Inwardly Kittycat sighed. Sure, fame had its good sides -- plenty of money and a staff of melonheads who catered to her every whim. But in this sea of well-wishers was there anyone, even one, who knew how a cat can hurt inside?me, myself, I

"Billy sez' if these soutures hold, we'll never hafta clean Kittycat's litter box again."Sean Q

Give me 3 to 5 odds on the wild ocelot with a 20 to 1 spread that Sam lasts longer than two minutes with his intestines intact.Mr. ?

Dolly has been telepathically goosed, and the culprit is in this very room!Namgubed the Merry Elf

There was me, and my three droogs. And we thought it was time for the old, surprise visit. There was this old devochka, and her puss-pots giving each other kitty-tol-chocks and thrashings!Erekose

The revolution was quashed and the insurrectionist Barfy swiftly executed. Kittycat's rule had been secured, and she could once more parade before her loyal, fawning subjects. Yes, life was good.Desscribe

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