DFC #363

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"You're levitating the cat. Big fucking deal. I can make the dog shit by pointing at him. Can you top THAT?"Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier

February 11, 1964: Good job Mommy! Our act is perfect. Ed Sullivan's going to love us...I just hope those Beatle guys don't bore the audience to death before we go on...Opie

I've logged in for three days straight, now, and damnit, that cat still hasn't landed!The Rabid Rabbi

Jeffy quickly spots the best role model in the room.Alan Turing

After years of harsh criticism that his strip contains no social relevance whatsoever, Bil Keane launches a series of educational cartoons. Installment #1: Why you should never, ever, feed your dog chocolate.Pat

A picture from Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Final Exit: Illustrated Edition for Pets.Coalcracker

As they stood locked in a telekinetic stalemate, Thel realized that she would have to admit defeat and lower Kittycat gently to the ground before Jeffy would stop his relentless twisting of Barfy's spleen.Hangman Heydrich

Christ Mom. Barfy's having a nervous breakdown, Kittycat runs when you enter the room and Sam's run away from home. Don't you think it's about time you got back on your Prozac routine?Anastasia

"Mom! Barfy's genuflectin' again!"anon

Bil Keane's entry in the little-known Most Disturbing Image of a Cartoon Dog in a Family Newspaper contest.Horselover Fat

Rectum? Damn near KILLED 'im!Doc Evil

"Who ate up Mrs. Keane's prize winning spam and grits? Who was the fiend who poisoned Barfy? And what has Little Evil Jeffy done with the rest of the family? Stay tuned, superhero fans, because this looks like a job for...Kamikaze Kitty!!"Mr. Ben McClellan

Barfy discovers the edge of the circle, and comes to the depressing realization that this is all there is.Heath

Wow, pets really do become like their owners.Yakko

Thel, be a dear and get me the pliers, would you? One way or another, I'm getting my Hotwheels back.bobo

"Better get a mop! It looks like Barfy's started another sacred peyote ritual."hangtownman

I think I found out what happened to that bottle of pills that "may cause nervousness, sleeplessness or dizziness at higher dosages".Vice Pope Doug

"OK, OK, so you're Circe's granddaughter. Terrific. So teach me, already; all I can do so far is enlarge Barfy's worms."Stealth

This is the sort of thing the Amish would put on their barns to repell Good.HasNoName

"Mom, stop throwing the cat and get me the mineral oil. Barfy still hasn't passed that damn softball.Diedi

Bil's design for a "Family Kaliedoscope," featuring "Circus" characters and kitchenware rotating over an empty void, was rejected by 45 toy companies for being "just too damn creepy."Hasbeens of Hasbros

Guess who has worms? Dad WOULD choose yesterday to eat all the pet's medication, wouldn't he?Doc Evil

While Bil and the family are on vacation, Dr. Seuss sits in: "The burper of sperm and the slut of the gutter tries to scatter or splatter the cat on the counter, while the melonhead felon is yellin' of smellin' the ornery odorous pound hound he found."Sean Q

Ordering Kittycat off the counter while ol' Barfy here is ready to bazooka-spew diarrhea all over the house 'cause of his infectious peritonitis makes me strongly question your ability to prioritize, Mother.Vice Pope Doug

Oh yeah -- hey, Mommy? Dolly is carving Satanic symbols on Barfy's genitals again. Do you think maybe she could start seeing that therapy lady before she starts setting stuff on fire again -- like Gramma?Vice Pope Doug

It was at this point that "Barfy" was renamed "Incontinent."Rev. B

Oh-oh...Barfy is doing the "I'm about to take a shit" dance...R.J.M.

"Looks like one of the balloons burst. I told you dogs aren't any good at smuggling"Crackhead Jonny

Mom, the pets need their 'ternal organs, you just can't take them for casserole!The Gecko Man

Foolishly using the Keane family, Proctor and Gamble's attempt to create a new logo caused an even greater furor than the original.Coyote

Check it out, Mom! 'Not Me' is humping Barfy!Riff

"Wow, you're right! Coat your finger in chili powder, poke 'em there, and watch 'em jump!"Pete

Look, Mommy! Barfy's got th' D's and th' T's, just like Daddy!agm

Mommy, Mommy!!! Come see the cool shit Barfy does when you give him acid!dyslexia

Help me out here, Mom! I haven't fasted enough to cast the demons out of Barfy.NME--

... but Barfy's the one who triple-dog-dared Kittycat to use the lasagna as a litter box!NME--

From Keane's Aphorisms Illustrated: Shit may roll downhill, but blame travels in circles.Who me?

How come these damn animals won't pull their weight in fingers around here?Destroyer

That was pretty good, Mommy, but I think Barfy's about to puke up two cats!Paul Roub

The Persistance of Pets by Salvador Dalikyosuke

I told him that we weren't gonna put him to sleep.Coyote

Check it out, he's been like this ever since he walked in on Bil and Roy.Coyote

Forget about your precious dinner, guess who ate your vibrator!Coyote

Hey, look! For the first time in this godforsaken cartoon, we get to see why he's named Barfy!phil

I don't know why you're yelling at KittyCat...judging from the convulsions he's going through it's pretty safe to assume that Barfy's the one who ate your Eggplant Surprise.Opie

You can point and scream all you want, but notice how Barfy reacts to one spoken word...NEUTERR.J.M.

It's not their fault you married an impotent, worthless drunk...R.J.M.

What did you expect when you baked a pie with 24 black birds?R.J.M.

While Bil is on vacation, today's strip was drawn by Salvador Dali.Gen. Sedgwick

Oh, great, now even Barfy's tucking. Am I the only real male left around here?Gen. Sedgwick

This is the dyke that tossed the cat that scratched the runt that buggered the dog that lay in the house that Bil built.Gen. Sedgwick

"I thought you said Dad was out of town!"Heath

Without a doubt, this is the most fugged-up reproductive cycle diagram I have ever seen.Shifter

A victim of habit, Kitty was unable to adjust to the repossession of the refrigerator. The broken leg would take six weeks to heal.ColBleep

"Levitate my familiar, will you? I'll just cast Fear on yours...."Shem

Whatever happened to the good ol' days, when our pets were more than happy to pull our fingers?Namgubed the Merry Elf

Oh, great! THIS means one of two things. We're either gonna have an earthquake, or Johnny Depp's in a new movie! Either way, we're in for a natural disaster!Doc Evil

"Behold! I send a cat upon your head!" "Not to fear, Mother, for only the dog will attach to my Velcro hair!" --from The Jerry Lewis Family Circus, translated from the French.Heath

The two new ideas thought up by the Keene family, the "kitty cat throw" and the "laugh hysterically at your dog while he has a sezuire" events were quickly rejected by the Olympic committee. Thick-E

Selecting which housepet to tear apart with their bare hands and consume while it still lived was always the toughest part of a Keane family Christmas...Oscar Allen

"Who are YOU to accuse ME?": the breathtaking mangum opus of Keane's bleak post-war "black and white period", in which the convulsions of modern angst and Dali-esque flights from reality are juxtaposed with the mind-numbing horror of pulling fingers...The Fat Man

Bill Keane, already well aware of DFC, tries to torment Spinn by having a child with a 'Family Circus' COLORFORM set construct the cartoons.Lots42

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