DFC #381

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Why, that's not Jeffy! It's old Mr. Greeson! He's the one who's been dosing Bil. With Bil out of the way, he figured he could keep all the furniture for himself." And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids "Jeffy" thought, removing his mask.M (bad-touching the yellow zone)

Jeffy's the Dancing Baby! KILL HIM!!!NME--

"He's doin' it again, Ma - he put his left cheek in, he put his left cheek out, he put his left cheek in an' he shook it all about ..."anon

"The conditioning was complete. Both Jeffy and Dolly 'put their right arm in' on my command. Soon the whole world will be my Hokey Pokey slaves!"Heath

Maaaa! There's a Teletubby in the house!Coalcracker

February 18, 2031: Bil Keane works in a "gettin' jiggy wit' it" caption to demonstrate that he's tuned in to pop culture.Lloyd Dobler

You're young. You're a product of the information age. You've got something to say, and you say it loud. Whether it's tattling on your little brother for wetting the computer chair, or assailing people in on-line chat rooms with mindless babble, why not look just as smart and obtrusive as you actually are? You will, with these 100% flannel ICQ pajamas.($15 s/m/l, $18 xl, $7.95 s/h)Smokey

"...and from the Arabs I have $20,000! Surely, for such an exquisite specimen, the rest of you will not be cheated by this offer! Do I hear $35,000?"phil

Jeffy'd had enough of the finger. he'd had enough of the featureless void. He'd had enough of t-shirts with kitschy sayings. He'd had enough of the ridicule he suffered at the hands of that Brown kid and his toadies. Jeffy'd had enough for a long long time, but now he had something else. He had a gun.snackwhore

Jeffy's right! It's the Sucksignal! We'd better get to the Circus Cave!Nethicus

"MOM! Wears Many Pajamas say, big iron horse coming!"Randall

"Next we have Jeffy. Notice the classic lines, the gentle earth tones, the form-fitting cut. The footie pajama: a timeless classic. Thank you, Jeffy."Sean Q

Dolly tried to warn Jeffy, but it was too late. The vicious 1970s floral pattern consumed her, and would soon look for its next victim.The Dog

"Dad! The brain transplant worked! Jeffy's rubbin' the wall with his cheek and Kittykat's trying to say 'spaghetti' with amusing results!"Lloyd Dobler

"Dad! You said I was the only one allowed to have 'ass all the way to Sunday.' Make him quit it!"Westur the Unspeakable

"How can you guys look at that and still tell me that I have issues with my sexuality?!?"Westur the Unspeakable

"Mo-o-o-o-m! Make Jeffy stop slipping interpretive dance routines in his Tai Chi practice!" Crazy Climber

Now thats what I call a bitch slap!graMartha

Daad! Jeffy's takin' all the paint peelings again!Riff

Ohhh, wook at the wittle-bitty Jeffy...is him a sweepy-time boy...wook at his wittle sweepy eyes...HEY FUCKHEAD...I'm talking to you!R.J.M.

"Mom! Jeffy's m'lestin' the wall again!" Dolly screamed. "No I'm not," thought Jeffy, "Can't anyone else see Grandpa?"Sonya

Mom! Jeffy's about to mark his territory again. Mr. ?

Holyeeee Shit! He's in lederhosen again! Quick Jeffy, out the back way!Yakko

This interpretive dance idea of dad's was bullshit! Did he really think we could wangle an NEA grant if they would turn down a genius like Serrano?T.F.W.O.

It looks like Jeffy's finally crashing! If we jump him now and take his stash, maybe we can keep this from happening again!T.F.W.O.

"Mommy! Jeffy's actin' too sexy for his Huggies pull-ups again!"Dave Matthews

Hey, look at how he shies away from my extended finger, damnit, Jeffy can learn! He can!planejane

"Mom... Jeffy's been in the Ny-Quil again... He's running into the walls!"Trashman

Jeffy has lost the abilty to fire stars from his wrists!!! GET HIM!!!Judy Jetson

Stop him! Every time he disappears into the absolute blackness, he returns with some new itch. Polly Anna

"He's makin' a break for it!" Jeffy had guessed that Billy was the narc. Jeffy had guessed wrong.Lloyd Dobler

"Like prairie dogs or meerkats, one Keane stands guard to alert the others with a high-pitched shriek if there are any unwanted intruders. Unfortunately, they consider each other unwanted intruders, so nobody gets much sleep." -- Wild Discovery: The Keanes of Toonland.Gen. Sedgwick

Here's a typical scene of Jeffy and Dolly playing "Mommy and Daddy": Jeffy in a latex body suit, sulking in the corner and pounding himself in the head, and Dolly in her 'good robe,' berating him for not being able to get it up without the help of his "special Danish magazines."Smokey

He's a mime I tell you, a mime!Peon

While Dolly prattled on, I could only think of one thing... how much I wished my jammies has a nifty floral pattern, too. -- From Family Circle, Pink Triangle by Jeffey Keane-FiersteinCoalcracker

MOM! Jeffy's wearing NOT ME!!Terminus

"Just as I suspected, he's not Jeffy at all... he's a Schmoo!"Al Capp's long-lost baby

"Mom!...Jeffy's got 2 grams of crystal meth and he's not sharing!"anon

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