DFC #41

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

You mean you weren't aware of Billy's *glug glug* problem?night prowler

I've been working out, fat ass.Troll Ticket

Chest hair. I've got one. You don't.Teo

Dolly, just keep your opinons to yourself or I'll slap your mouth right off of your fa--...never mind, I see that Dad beat me to it....The Unmasked Revenger

Could you help me get my thumb up to my mouth?Dan Krause

YOU'RE the new police artist?!? Hell! I'm gonna knock over a gas station!!Bill Fortier

You want me to pose nude?Toozday

You think you're hot stuff. Guess who just nailed both Mary Worth and Lucy vanPelt!Toozday

Listen, Dolly, I saw how much you sold "Cat, Briefcase, Coffee tabel, Crazy Glue" for...so, if you want to sketch me nude again, there's gonna be a $200 sitting fee.The Unmasked Revenger

Daddy says I have the best butt.Matt Faulhaber

The insurance wouldn't cover a hospital stay, so I have to keep my thumb stuck here until the tracheotomy heals!OddbodyAS2

"I am the man. You are the bitch. This will not be explained again."Tim Harrod

Tomorrow I'm goin' ta get the bumps on my head sanded down.DMW

"Whoa! LSD flashback! Your head is getting HUGE! Oh wait... I've never done LSD."anon

Miss Jones says _I_ have the biggest dick in the whole third grade!Groundfault

Well, since dad didn't do it, I'll draw in your mouth...gimme the pen.Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

Here's a fun game Dolly - close your eyes, put your hand in my pocket and draw what you think it is.Julius Uno

"Blah blah blah Sex, blah blah violence, blah melon-shaped heads."Tim Harrod

Hey, you ever seen someone walk more pigeon toed than me?Rich Coughlan

I passed my stone!Friend of Tone Csernak, Student of Nuclear Engineering

I just wanted to let you know I've been promoted again. And you thought that the "cute drawing" shit was gonna buy you something.anon

Billy was so intent at practicing his testimony that he walked *smack* into Dolly, resulting in her concussion, and a whole new court action.The Sandman

Hey, Dolly! This is sign language for 'Medicine Ball Head.'Horselover Fat

You've gotta check this out -- the fuckers are actually TRYING to get on the stupid list!Pete B.

Are you kidding me? Bil's been drawing me for years and look how miserable my life is. I shudder to think what would happen to me if YOU started drawing me!BK

Whatcha so shocked about? All mommies and daddies do that! It's how you were born!Kittycat

Get this: Dennis told me that Mr. Wilson will pay you $100 if you let him take pictures of you takin' a bath! And I'll be nice and only take 15% 'cuz it was so easy to find this one. Adam Schabtach

I got a penis... Youuuuu don't.. studly

Hey guess what - Dad just lost you in a poker game!patrik

Guess what? _I_ have a chubby!BK

* I * get to be the 'speriment for Billy's "Just Say No" Project. He told me to tell everyone to "run before it kicks in". Cool, huh?VPD

[insert obligatory masturbation reference of your choice]Reynard D. Fox

I've found that spray paint provides a more dramatic medium for expression -- check out grampa's car.Patrick

Dolly, does my wrist looks limpy enough?Buzzhole

No, I won't let you draw me in the nude. You'll have to keep your panties on.anon

No time for the old in-out now, love, I've come to read the meter...Greg J

I just got cast for a Calvin Klein commercial. I'm gonna give a blowjob on TV!Roy

*I* Just found out where my prostate is!zazu

Well the pigs let me off on that posession rap, but I had to give them your name.paTRICK heSTER

You be the cheap Korean cartoonist labour, and I'll be the top-paid American agent!Nitrolyte

Well yes, I suppose I am feeling a little cocky today. Does that amuse you?Diggit

When I think about Cathy I touch myself!Reynard

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