DFC #411

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Fuckin' wusses. You ain't had a hangover 'til you've had a heroin hangover, is what I say."Thomas Wilde

"No...time...for bathroom. Must... throw up... in sock drawer..."Rev. Stackpole

Hey! That bastard left a glove and baseball on my dresser! I want cash!Kevy

"Dammit, I'm still here! I was sure that the bennies and Jack Daniels would get me out of here one way or the other!"Captain Amnesia

"Christ, what the hell happened to me? The last I remember, I was sharing a bottle of tequilla with the Peanuts gang ... and now my mouth tastes like a peppermint patty."Helder

"That's the last time I try to go shot-for-shot with Dolly."Helder

Jeffy would often lay awake most of the night "Oilin' the old baseball glove". I think he was 20 by the time he realized it was supposed to be a euphemism. -- "Flowers for Jefferson", W. Keane Jr.Paul Roub

A lifetime of sex, drugs, and pez finally catches up with Jeffy Keane.Helder

Jeezuz- eight hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep after a full day of wholesome outdoor play, a homecooked dinner with the family and a glass of warm milk before bed. I just can't *do* that kind of thing anymore!planejane

Judging by the shiner Jeffy's sporting I doubt if he ever leaves the lid off of Thel's "Mango Luv-Butter" again.Opie

They can say what they want, but even after a 9 day bender, you still got "the look" ma man!Droopy Drawers

"Oh god... look at me! One glass of wine and I'm anybody's bitch."happy noodle boy

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dumbshit who raided Daddy's liquor cabinet last night and just woke up with the taste of Barfy's saliva in his mouth?Cranky Bear

The heartbreak of bedwetting... a hysterical Jeffy Keane attempts to extricate himself from the urine-soaked bedlinens, only to realize that his wool jammies are holding the better part of the evenings payload.Lt. Dan

My God, look at me-- I look like I was passed around at a Satanic sex cult all night. (sigh) The mirror never lies...Andrea

Ha, ha, dad. Baseball mitt and a Family Size Vaseline tub. Yeah, I get it. "Playing catcher at a night game." Very funny.Andrea

That does it. My ass is bigger than my head. Deal-a-meal, here I come!Andrea

"It's a fun game," Roy said. "It's called 'Quarters,'" Roy said. "We'll have a great time," Roy said.Orrin Bloquy

Oh, crap. Did I really vote for Jesse Ventura?Coalcracker

Note to Self: When balancing each line of blow with one Percodan an' one shot of 'quila --- don't lose count!Vice Pope Doug

Tonight on Quantum Leap: "Oh-boy."Orrin Bloquy

grunt ... eerg ... gasp ... pant ... ONE!Riff

With a single mighty heave, Jeffy separated the bed and the dresser and the Family Ellipse was born!Riff

Damn. Slept on my hair wrong again.Andrea

"Oooh... gotta get off the amyl, girlfriend!"happy noodle boy

The scene immediately before the one that made into alt.binaries.tastelesszen

"Too much Jagermeister! Leiderhosen too tight! The Homeland is disgraced!" - rough translation of German verison Der Family Cirkus.Monkey Punch

That oughtta get me four or five more solo panelsNME--

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