DFC #42

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

No, Mom, just because you have a tambourine does not mean you're in! Sheesh!Shane

So what if we look like Menudo? Our sound is tight, our choreography is top notch and dammit, we fuckin' rock!Vincent Van Gopher

Hey Mom, I think we're gonna need a new manager. Danny just accidently ran over Mr. Kinkaid with the bus.Rich Coughlan

Yeah, we were gonna be like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but Dolly can't use a sock!BiLl

Okay, okay! We'll stop! Just don't start chucking those plates at us again!Magus hath returned!

Yeah, we're going over to invade Spiderman and claim it in the name of The Family Circus.Magus

"If someone asks us to 'DO "FREEBIRD"!' once more, I'm going to shove this flag up his ass. Sideways."Paul T. Riddell

We're having a crusade to persuade our lesbian neighbors to come to Christ!Daniel J.

Dad on a bender again? How the HELL are this room's walls and floor supposed to fit together?Nitrolyte

Wait till you see our new act. I set fire to this flag while they play "Disco Inferno."Greg J

It's performance art. We play the National Anthem in German while PJ takes your temperature with his rectal thermometer.zazu

Damn it, I told you we're not signing that contract until you get daddy out of the band. He's always hung over and missing practice sessions.Wha..?

Death Metal makes Sam go foamy.Treb

We thought we'd provide a little "mood music" for you and the mailman. How 'bout some Bolero?anon

Fine! Take PJ's cymbals! But you're gonna be one sorry lady come Grammy night!Rob

Of course we know everybody hates the Village People! This is just one of our many endearing ways of cheesing everyone off!!Bill Fortier

Hey, baby. Care to be a caged gyrating bimbo for our thrashcore band?Kittycat

We're gonna be called "Cap'n Billy and the Seamen." Hey, why're you snickering?Kittycat

Could you give us a lift? Daddy's friend Roy got us a gig at the Ramrod, and we go on stage in half an hour!El Vez

Yeah,Bil hired us for a second cartoon. It's called Family Marching Band. He hired the lady next door to play the mommy because he spends more time with her anyway.J-rad

You better give us the cookies, or we'll play another round of "Macho Man!"Greg J

I've just conquered Dolly's head for Spanish colonization!Riff

We're off to the tryouts for H.M.S. Pinafore!Riff

The clerk at the music store left the place unmanned again.Greg J

Welcome to the revolution, Mommy. Now go to your room.Vice Pope Doug

"We're going to torment the Jehovah's Witnesses down the street. I march around with the flag, and they play Christmas carols."Blake

OK, we'll do one more song. But this time the panties come off too!ferret

A dollar each and we WON'T play Freebird!patrik

Yup! Sergeant Billy's Lonely Farts Club Band. Got a problem with it?patrik

We're running away to join the Freemen in Montana. DOWN WITH THE OPPRESSIVE, ILLEGAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! But first, we shall require peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!Kurt L.

How many pieces of clothing have you got left in your strip poker game, Mommy? You wearin' a bra? Panties?Nitrolyte

Daddy told us to put this stuff away. Where's a place where the sun doesn't shine?Yakko

Harry Dinkle talked us into moving to Funky Winkerbean.DMW

How about a little guessing game for you Mom. Why is Jeffy walking funny and where's PJ's other drumstick?Rich Coughlan

Hey, I killed the son of a bitch, I get to keep the hat. I don't hear Tennille complaining, so why should you?Craig

We're starting a rock band and we've decided to let you be our first groupie fuck-toyMatt

Thanks for subbing for our go-go dancer, Mom!Reynard

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