DFC #43

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Look what Kittycat dragged into the house -- a BAT! That is one mean motherf--king cat!Kurt L.

I have summoned these imps from the deepest sulfer pits of Hell. Give me your allowance or I will order them to tear the flesh from your body!Rich Coughlan

ALL FREAKS DIE! DIE, you little FR... wait. I'm a freak too. Damn, I keep forgetting. Sorry.anon

The Pterodactyl eats her young..... did you know mommy is part pterodactyl?Abercrombie

If you don't stop mounting that plateosaurus so much, Mr. Pterodactyl will get jealous!Greg J

"Such a healthy girl should avoid wearing plaids and horizontal stripes !?!" Either you explain what you meant by that, or I'm gonna stick this pterodactyl right up your Jurassic Park!zed

"..and then the Terrodactyl swooped down on the unsuspecting Brontosaurus, violating his orafices again and again in crude and unspeakable ways!anon

Whenever you lie, God sends down a big one of THESE to maul you into small bits.Kittycat

Dactyl turds away!Kittycat

Rrrr! Here comes Ptero-Dolly, to devour the small Jeff-osaurus... or at least shit on his head!anon

Time for me to replenish the bumps on your head.Monk n Treb

Look Jeffy, Ozzy Ozbourne sent you a present!JayRod the Damaja

"This picture was taken seconds before the 'incident'. I had to have an operation to remove the toy from my intestinal tract, and it slowed production down for weeks. Dolly was openly jealous of me and sadistically tormented me every chance she got. She was especially vicious after she had been drinking heavily, which was pretty much all the time." -From "Dolly Dearest: Memoirs of Jeffy Keane"Greg J (also copying Felix)

Yes, but it's not just *any* huge, man-eating pterodactyl. It's a huge, man-eating pterodactyl with PMS!Riff

Make this look good. I hear Spielberg's looking for a new F/X team!Riff

You fool, they never really existed! God just created the fossils to test our faith. That does it, you're getting home schooling from now on!Greg J

You know how I said I wouldn't screw with your mind if you took that acid? I _lied_.Vice Pope Doug

What do you find scarier, Jeffy? Me, this terrodactyl, or my plaid pants?Nethicus

This is your real father!zazu

"Oh-oh. Mr. Pterodactyl has had diarrhea all day long. I sure wouldn't want him flying over my head."Blake

"And it can smell little boys who play with their thingies, and it swoops down and carries them off to be eaten."Blake

If you call me Plaid-osaurus one more time, I'm going to kick your ass back to the Pleistocene.Diggit

You can play with your wimpy leaf eaters, but when we escape from this weird island, Lucinda and I are gonna kick some serious ass..patrik

Hey Godzilla! Rodan says this island is only big enough for one prehistoric radioactive monster. And it ain't you!paTRICK heSTER

...And the Terrible Pterodactyl swoops down on...oh, DAMN! The baby kicked again!The Lawyer

Ha! I finally found that pigeon I shot a week ago!Kelvin Cabrera-Castellar

Dolly often terrorized Jeffy with the story of Fred Flintstone's death.jimkata

One more remark about my beer gut, and I'll poke your eyes out.anon

Damn it! Now we're barely taller than these 6" plastic dinosaurs! Where did Keane go to art school?Toozday

I often exploited Jeffy's fear of flying things, which frequently resulted in him wetting himself. I think that secretly he enjoyed it as much as I did.
-- Dolly, Memoirsanon

See, I told you that I'd rip out Daddy's pelvic bone! And if you don't keep your dick to yourself, the same is gonna happen to you, squirt!Matt

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