DFC #470

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

"Grey, nappy, tangled, smelly . . kinda reminds me of Grandma coming out of the shower."Hang Lose

Uh, Sam? He's . . . ah, out of town. Yeah. Out of town. But he said the puppy support payments are on the way.Stefan Jones

"No, no, you're looking for Mary Worth. It's over to the left, between Dondi and Apartment 3G.Vinegar Tom

"Sorry, I don't touch anything unless it's in a leather collar."Vinegar Tom

It was just a one-night stand. Get over it.Murray the Hut

Doggie-style? Hah! We're waaaay beyond that. But thanks for asking.RoBear

Barfy was quite the rebel in the sixties. He changed to the clean-cut look only after Reagan took office. Bubble Of Love: A Retrospective, by William Keane, Jr.Podbeing

Uh-oh... Jeffy and P.J. are wearing the dog suit... Dad must be in one of his moods again.Doctor Radium

Sure, Dolly's Chun Li was passable, Billy's Elmer Fudd was decent, but it was Jeffy's Sheepdog that won first prize that day.Jenn Dolari

Prelude to a tracheotomy.NCB

"Jesus, we finally trade Jeffy away to For Better Or Worse for that dog of theirs, and already the fucker's trying to upstage me."Tim Mitchell

This time, Sam would be the one kicking sand in Billy's face. "Thanks, Charles Atlas!"Jinikato, God of Fandom

"...think about it, though: first that huge dent in the wagon, then this new 'Barfy' appears..."Mungdungus

"Dammit, we've wandered into the Mark Trail comic strip. I knew we should've taken a left at Ziggy."Helder

September 28, 1969: Bil Keane enters the era of peace and love with the caption "Get a haircut, you freakin' hippie!"Riff

Keane Kollector Plate #470: The Lady, The Tramp, and the sheepdog.Stan Xhiao

What's that, boy? Dad's tied up at the old Keane place? Oh, go back to sleep!Captain Pedantic

His flask is missing. Dad must be home.Anastasia

Whaddya think, Dolly? Three sets of mittens and a waist coat for Mom?OneSickPuppy

"Sheesh, is there any role Dan Aykroyd won't take?"Heath

The almost life-like clip-art, the scenery, perspective, nearly round heads... Yep, it's the day after rehab!Dr. Worm

A sheepdog stands, capillaries burst from the ground, WWII planes buzz the crucifiction. It must be Un Chien FamCircusalouMr. ?

Yeah, Jeffy, I said it might make you grow hair on your palms. What the hell have you been doing?Tim Mitchell

"I told you the bitch would be wearin' your nuts but no, you didn't believe me. Next time hump your own damn leg."Stan Xhiao

I dunno, Dolly, maybe you should consider abortion...Zest-fully Me!

Well, we're definitely lost. I figure it's the AKC member calendar, around November or so.phil

"Sudden weather changes, lost spirits haunting utility poles, demonic creatures on the prowl and we still have to go to school. Damn, the end times suck."El Caballero

"Has-been. Hasn't made a good movie since Dogfucker 2: Burying His Bone back in '91."Dave Matthews

Don't be stupid. I put P.J. in the well.p

"Excuse me sir, we are volunteers and would like to ask some personal questions regarding the upcoming Census. Your identity will remain anonymous. Now your current address is..."El Caballero

In the next frame Billy has gutted the dog and the pair have crawled inside the carcass for warmth. -State's Exhibit B in the People vs. Lucasfilm Ltd.cip

"All I know is, the sooner dad gets off this taxidermy kick, the better"blaine[sk]

"Das ist ein gross Hund, Schwester." "...Das ist ein dorky Hat, Bruder." --Lyric Language "Learn German The Family Circus Way"Stan Xhiao

"A dog of the house of Montague moves me." Illustration and caption from page seven of Wm. Keane's horribly misinterpreted The Big Picture Book of Romeo and Juliet. Never published.Tom. Just Tom.

"I bet this isn't quite what you expected on the other end of the Rainbow Bridge, eh?"Stan Xhiao

"Eyeeees Left! Forwaaaaard March!Zest-fully Me!

This cartoon was monitored by the ASPCA. No animals were mutilated, infected, impregnated, sodomized, dismembered, beaten, traumatized or cooked in the making of this panel.Ken

Jesus, Dolly, enough with the handstands. I'm trying to tell you about those pills I just took.bunkosquad

"You're, like, 106 in human years. So don't give me that aggressive shit or I'll break your hip."Mycroft

"Criminy... just when I thought my agent couldn't do any worse, I wind up in the animated remake of Beethoven."Platypus

"That's your Satanic Hell-Hound? What lame-ass dark forces have you been summoning?"The Golden Pony

Even as a child Castro had a spectacular ability to find hidden escapeesThe EXXXorcist

"I awoke from my idyllic dream of a man, his three boys, a lady, and her three very lovely girls, and a man who delivered meat daily to the housekeeper. I awoke in hell...an alternative hell where Nazis won the war, children wore Wehrmacht uniforms as they patrolled the street for hook-nosed infiltration, and crosses burned in the distance." --Tiger Brady: Dog In The High CastleStan Xhiao

This is getting ridiculous. First they swapped the bagels for the stale donuts, now they replaced the fluff girls with this. Where's my agent?Figec

Look over there, his stools are cross-shaped. Must have Hartworms.Ken

There I was speaking to a dog. Once I came down, I told Dolly never to score acid from a dyslexic again. -- William S. Keane Jr, Fear and Loathing on Page C-6Ken

I told you that Marmaduke was going to brag. Now every dog in the neighborhood is gonna come sniffin' 'round for a hump.Argyle


There you are! Thel's been in the stirrups for a good hour and a half now, and trust me, that peanut butter gets in everything.meakim

...and food, and pants, and self-esteem, and ritalin. All together, I think I asked Santa for about six dozen different things, and not one of the things I asked for was "another damn dog."Ethanol

A rare cartoon captured from Dolly's Bubble Gum Crisis obsession.Nethicus

In another heartwarming panel, the Keanes are off for a weekend of military re-enactments: Dolly is off to meet Snoopy for the WW1 aviators, Billy is off to the Civil War, while Jeffy and PJ in a sheepdog suit are off to hunt landmines in the Crimea.Frenchy, the Toad Swallower

Is there no job Industrial Light and Magic won't take?Otis

"Don't worry. On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog in a bad comic strip."Helder

"Wow, now there's a level of detail you don't see every day."Mauser

Yeah, yeah, I know. You can lick your own balls and drink out of the toilet. That's nothing I haven't seen Dad do.Elkman

We play "fetch the stick" a little differently...Bad Girl

Nice try, Officer MacKenzie, but I think the judge might be interested in a little thing called "entrapment..."Bill

"You don't need to see our identification. We aren't the melonheads you're looking for. Move along." Young Obi Wan Keanobi's first ever use of the Melonheadi Mind Trickchimp

"What's that, boy? Jeffy's in hell? Yeah, well, so are we."Helder

"Man. The way those flies are swarming, you'd think they would cut that Christ guy down already."C Benton

"I see the cattle are straying from the Nguyen family ranch, again."Cordelia's Dad

I didn't mind doing a whole panel, start to finish. But sometimes Bil would blotto halfway through a fuckin' panel, then it's Billy to the goddamn rescue. And for that I got what, 2, 3 bucks? "Goddamn Right Today's Panel Was Drawn By Billy" by Billy KeaneLt. Dan

"Dolly, do you ever get that not-so-detailed feeling?"Helder

"I don't know which is worse, Dolly -- having to ride the schoolbus with all these dogs, or having to tell Dad I flunked 'Fetch'."Heath

Jesus, Dolly. Whose turn was it to shave Jeffy this week?Johnny Meatworth

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