DFC #490

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)
"Holy fuck! PJ really was made of bone china!"Riff

Man he was hugnry! I can count at least ten disntinctly different sets of animal bones here!Nethicus

Now THAT'S a goddamned orgasm!rudy (savoring every moment)

Hint from Heloise, Thel: with a G-spot like yours, screw 'em in the tub.Tim, just Tim

Porcelain Smurf! Noooooooooo!Ken (giddy in the rush)

Thel turned silently and slowly to the scene of Dolly standing over the mess...the mess. Dolly turned from her mess...to Thel...and back again, her mouth agape with horror. Slowly, the shade of Thel's facial skin began to turn to a deep crimson. Seven years...seven hard years of work...gone. Allll gooonnnee. Somewhere, a dog barked.crisis

"I have to apologize, Thel--with that 360 degree head-spin projectile vomiting, there's no doubt P.J. is Dad's child."agtorange

Oohh...CORN!Les Miserables

"Dad's home early, I see."Heath


"You know, Mom, I've said a lot of mean things about your cooking over the years, but trust PJ to sum it up better than I ever could."Pete B.

Yo mom, time to upgrade to super-absorbant.Yakko

Water sports again?!Bad Girl

"Geez, is that an ear?"Paul T. Riddell

Wow....the pop rocks/cola combination really DOES workThe EXXXorcist

"You know, the visiting nurse could put down some newspaper before giving Grandma her enema."Sean Q

They thought they had rid themselves of the PJ2000. They didn't realize he was made of liquid metal.-Chaplin Perilous

"So, THERE'S where my house key went!"kcho

"Sonofabitch! How many fucking meals can you make out of one placenta, anyway?"Generik

"Jeez, Thel, I don't think Doctor Spock advises using a cheese grater to get the food off a kid's face!"Twisted Mentat

Well, at least PJ's taking the news well.Coalcracker

"Hey, mom---sniff sniff did you oink call my snarfle snarfle name? munch munch"El Caballero

"Has anyone seen my new dingo? I can't seem to-- uh-ohHang Lose

"I told you his head was looking a little over-ripe."Helder

"I'll have anything except what he had."Helder

"I guess the concrete enema wasn't such a good idea, after all."Helder

"I take it PJ's not going to finish all this?"Torc.

"Ooh! My turn to lick the floor!"Torc.

"The shape of the entrails augurs well for us, Mother."Stan Xhiao

"I've always wondered: what do you do with the bones?"El Caballero (aka the English Assassin)

Yer table's leakin' oil and transmission fluid. I'll hafta run some more tests on 'er.agm

"Too much habanero, Mom."Stan Xhiao

"Wow, and I thought 'PJ makes his own gravy' meant he just whacked-off a lot!"Torc.

I told you not to build on a sacred Indian burial ground. But did you listen? Nooooo....Gen. Sedgwick

"That's really not neccessary, Mom. We know it's your territory."Valvoline (*sniff* I love you guys...)

Sigh. I've never really understood modern art.Bad Girl

Hey, Mom -- you missed a spot!Bad Girl

Well, I was going to ask if it was gruel yet, but this answers my question.Anastasia

Bloody floors again? I love Amityville.Bad Girl

"Whoa, it's hitting Billy early and hard. You oughta take him to a dermatologist. And tell him to quit the squeezing!"Ken

"Mommy! I can see the face of the Blessed Lord Je-- oops, never mind, it's just Abe Vigoda again."Stan Xhiao

Wait a minute, a messy floor? YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER!!! JUST WHO ARE YOU...oh wait, can you cook?RMD

I hope you sent in the registration card... according to the manual, it should take a lot more that a three foot drop to break a baby like that.HasNoName

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