DFC #50

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Dad, mom's got booze breath again!roger koodoo

Check out mom's goiter!anon

Hey guys, you were right! Mom will let us do anything to her now that we've moved here to Stepford!anon

Yep, I was right! Must be 'bout half a box of Kleenex stuffed in here!Kurt L.

Yet Another Victim: Billy succumbs to the power of the Super Magno-Bra.Kurt L.

Hey Dolly, check this out. This must means hoops were a fad back in 1966.Brian Raiter

Jeffy, P.J., come quick! Mommy took off her nursing cups!anon

I'll prove she's not wearing one ... count of three, I yank down, you snap the picture!VPD

"OK guys, she's hypnotized. Remember, ten bucks each."anon

"Yeah... that's right... cyanide in her Grape Nuts. Dumb bitch won't know what hit her."anon


Daddy! Mommy says she's wearin' her ankle rings...What's that mean?anon

Hey... It's true! Mom's only got one breast! I bet she wears a wig 'cause of the chemo! danny boy

"Hey Dad, I think I know what the Mona Lisa was smilin' about!"Blake

Hey wow! I can pick up France with this thing!Toade

$20 for *THIS* one? Look mister, that better be for the whole night.zapper

Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare to be horrified by what I am about to reveal!JayRod the Damaja

Hey! If you listen closely, you can hear the silicone swishing in there!RBByrnes

Hey Dad's right! They are a fleshy Disneyland!zazu

Hey, look! I can see chaff marks in Mom's nostrils from the cocaine!Mr. Groovy

Hey Daddy look! You draw her, and I erase her.Zebra

Hey, the ad is correct. Spinnwebe really DOES have the freaks you're looking for.Rich Coughlan

Look! Momma's got Dad's eyes stuck to the sides of her head!zed

You're right! The underwires from mom's bra make great earrings. 'Course, there's a down side.Paul Roub

So, would this imply that mommy has ears? Damn. Who knew?Paul Roub

I guess the new version of Netscape can't improve mom's fucked up haircut.Boschcat of the Apocalypse

She's really not wearing one! They stand out like that on their own!Roy

Gee, whiz, Mom! That Wonderbra really *is* supportive!Riff

Oh, wow! I love these optical illusions! The young woman's earrings become eyes, her neck becomes a nose, and this disgusting charicature of the female form turns into our *real* mother!Riff

Hey Look at Me, I'm climbing Mount Titty! WEeeeeeee!zazu

I knew we shouldn't have given Mom those 5 pound earrings for Mother's Day...just look at her earlobes now!!!The Unmasked Revenger

"Despite his own semi-celebrity status, Billy always lost his cool around bigger celebrities. I remember the day he met Joyce DeWitt of TV's Three's Company. That crazy fucker walked right up to her and ripped her shirt off. And the sickening thing was, Joyce really went for it. They were together, on and off, for sixteen years. If it hadn't been for Dana Plato, I think he might have married her." -- _Dolly: If This is the Circus, Who are These Clowns?_, Random House, 1994zed

"After finally deciphering the Necronomicon, Mother became insufferable; twisting our heads and limbs quite unnaturally whenever her sick whimsy struck." - Billy K., A Retrospectivepatrik

...and Thelma is modeling #32, a black evening gown with a small primate pinned on to accessorize.Greg J

This photo is of Mrs. Martha Keane, wife of cartoonist Bill Keane, watching her sons as they perform their version of a comedy skit involving a man with six arms. William (Billy),7, in foreground. Jeffery,4, his arm on the right. Patrick James (PJ),2, his arm shown in Billy's sleeve. What makes this photo so chilling is that Mrs. Keane wore that same small smile throughout the entire trial for the murder of her family and thirty-five people in a Sears store which made her the most famous female mass murderer in history.Dr. Kay O. Peck-Tate

Daddy, Mommy's wearing her "whore" earrings...you know what THAT means!anon

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