DFC #6

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

And put some ground glass in Mommy's cereal, I want Daddy all to myself.anon

...and if I should die before I wake.....well it's probably because I still smoke in bed.anon

"Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Black goat of the woods with a thousand young!"Paul T. Riddell

Remember, that's the Barbie "Li'l Snapper" Dominatrix Set, with the Slave Ken doll.anon

Lord, don't let them find the priests head.newcomer

Please let the EPT be mistaken.anon

So I'm in this position with Daddy -- is the "eyes closed" part mandatory?anonymous

Please give me the strength to endure one more of Daddy's "sleepwalks".Rishmawy

Elbows and a forehead. Please.anon

Ah! Come in Mrs. Keane. I'm so glad you received my invitation, for I think we need to discuss a little matter of MUR...damn, I really should be in a big swivel chair for this...Andy Ihnatko

...And please let me have a normal size bedroom door.ewhac

"... and please make Bil Keane draw me thinner, with a tight little ass."GM

..and please make my head round.anon

and please, PLEASE give us some color!anon

Please don't let anyone give me yet another caption about the size and shape of my head.Blake

Agent X-12Z reporting to Mothership 7. The humanoids still suspect nothing.Eli Free

...and please let my boobies grow up to be as full and perky as Mommy's. Amen.Craig

"...and please, Lord, let me survive tomorrow's snake handling service at church."Tim K.

And God, I know I've asked every night for 30 years, but I'd really, really like to go through puberty. I mean, Jesus, I'm getting called to go take a mammogram and I don't have no fuckin' TITS, Man!!anon

"I could have been a member of the Addamses, the Munsters, or the Mansons, but nooooo..."Paul T. Riddell

And please let me find out that I was adopted.anon

...and please let me get out of the country before the Feds find the body.anon

...and please allow Daddy to continue to use his unfunny comic strip to impose his Christianity on America.Bill Milano

...and please make Mommy and Daddy allow me to take my hair down at night so that I can actually sleep.anon

...and Bil, could you start drawing Daddy to look like the hot guy from The X-files? anon

Oh Lord, please let the nice Social Services lady they've locked in the basement escape so that she can get help for us all.MichaelG

...and thank you for not giving me mommy's butt-ugly hair. Amen.Uncle Al

"Please make the government legalize third-term abortions so's I can get rid of Daddy's hellspawn that's making me bloat like an Alabama senator."Uncle Al

God? Please let Bil get a vascectonomy, PJ was already too big of a strain...Amenbig Al

...and if you will cure this horrible rash, I promise never to have unprotected sex again.Adam S.

"Lord, Janie Berkman called me a bad name in school today. I want her face eaten by rats."Brian Pacula

I pray that one day Bil Keane finds that bastard and guts him like a fish.Bil Keane

...and if I should die before I wake ... well, the cops will know to pick up Billy.anon

...and please, God, stop my head from turning into a watermelon. Roy Olsen

Okay, I'll admit it, turning Mommy into a towel rack was impressive. But I won't truly believe in Your power until You turn Daddy into a toilet paper dispenser.Pete B.

... and in the morning I wanna see hooters, or the deal's off...anon

And please make the voices stop telling me Mommy tastes like chicken. Nick

"...and please, Greg, no more ritalin or incest jokes."anon

... and stop Mommy from dressing me like a Rose Bowl float.Tom Jenkins

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