DFC #65

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

And you yell at me for sucking my thumb!!!anon

If he's only removing the garter then why does he have his head under your dress?zazu

...and coleslaw at *BOTH* ends of the table? Boy you guys went all out, didn't you?zazu

"Fine... you don't hafta look at it... but that won't change the fact that Billy and I are very happy together!"anon

I still say this isn't proof that you're married. These could be prom pictures, fer Chrissakes!Capt. phealy

I just realized -- you have sex with each other! Don't you? Oh my God, that's gross!Kurt L.

So Dad, was this your first or second failed marriage?Matt

"How come Billy got to go to the wedding, an' I didn't?"Mr. Clean

"I thought Grandpa shot himself right after you brought Dad home."Mr. Clean

Daddy, that Flock of Seagulls hair cut was YOU!DarkURTHE

You guys had a nude wedding? How did the ringbearer carry the.....Nevermind.Jadie

So, Mom, did the photographer charge extra to stick around through the honeymoon?Paul Roub

Say - if you guys got married in 1957, why am I still six years old?Riff

Sorry, mom, but you're wrong. Pamela and Tommy Lee did have a classier wedding.Aug-mentor

Well, in a sense it is working... now I do want a fairytale wedding... only it's going to be me in that bitchen tux, waiting for my girl to come down that aisle!Horselover Fat

"You guys look so happy in these... I hardly recognized you."Blake

"Following the honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Keane plan to live in Sumner, New York where Mr. Keane will pursue a fine art career and Mrs. Keane will finish her first novel." Jesus, I don't care how many times I read that...it's still funny!!!anon.

I can't _believe_ you put that picture in there !! Can Daddy still fit in Mommy's wedding dress?Vice Pope Doug

I didn't know we were Satanists !!Vice Pope Doug

How old was I in this picture?Roy

Wow! Daddy passed out into the wedding cake just like he did at PJ's birthday party!Nethicus

Did Daddy shave off his chest hair, or did he just not have any?M. Ferris

"No way!" You used to have FRIENDS??!!!"JoAnne

I see that Dad's drinking problem started long before us kids were around. He always says it's our fault he drinks!sandman

Jeez, Thel, you must have been eight months gone when this was taken. Where'd you get the wedding dress? Designs by Khayam?Zenmaster

You wore white?!!!!Rishmawy

I'd rather be bound, gagged, covered with honey and left on an ant hill than look through this thing again. Rishmawy

Hey Dad? What's with the sock puppets?Monk n Treb

Wow mom! I didn't realize you had the "Hells Angels" as ushers in your wedding!kafka

Bill and Tish? Mommy, who's this "Tish" person?Toozday

So who's the geek in the penguin suit?gaia

"Even though the marriage was annulled by the state, I will always remember my week with Jerry Lee as the happiest of my life."Tom M

No way! Your mack truck ass in this Porsche of a dress. I don't think so.Roxanne LeReaux

You never told me Sonny and Cher came to your wedding.Thalia

Dad's holding the cake knife with his left hand, but the killer was right-handed! It had to be Uncle Roy, he's the only one who would have had access to Dad's semen samples!Greg J

Hey Billy, check it out! Our real Dad is some Mexican guy named Chino!Vincent Van Gopher

Mommy, was it hard saying "I do" lying face-down in a pool of vomit?anon

So when did you get your tattoos removed?zazu

This says "Bill and Thel". Musta been BEFORE someone knocked the "L" out of him....anon

I have to disagree. I really DON'T think you were showing all that much.anon

Nice nipple ring, mom!Capt. phealy

"Wait a minute...there's a '94 Plymouth in the background of one of these pictures! But you said you got married in 1979! I smell Photoshop!"zed-3d

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