DFC #66

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Well, if that IS a banana, what's Billy holding on the hostages?Capt. phealy

Well yes, it's common name is "Banana", but it's botanical name is "Coney Island Wife Tamer!zazu


Hey pardner, let's amble on over to the nambla ranch!paTRICK heSTER

It's sweet that you want to help, Jeffy, but Daddy's gonna pull off this bank job on his own.MechaGumby

Hey, Jeffy. Guess I should explain why I'm floating around like this. Well, remember when I saw you earlier with my holster and you said you didn't know where the gun was? Well, then I strolled into the bedroom and there was your Mom, standing there all determined with her hand behind her back and well, to make a long story short, looks like there's gonna be twice as many sappy angel strips from now on.MechaGumby

"Jeffy, isn't it great? I got $50 from the Banana Marketing Board!"Mr. Clean

"Don't blame me, Jeffy. Blame those ^%$*^%#* gun control wimps!"Mr. Clean

The cowboy suit and the banana are good, but it's the bedroom eyes that'll make you the hit of the lodge party tonight.anon

Yes, that is a nice costume you've put together, there, Jeffy. Now if I could just have the banana and the spurs back, please -- your Mom's getting anxious.Paul Roub

Honey! You shrank my flannel shirt from cartoon #60! Now what the fuck am I gonna wear when I wanna feel butch?Riff

OK, Jeffy, you go on right after Dolly and Barfy. And this time, remember,it's pelvis OUT, buttocks IN!Capt. phealy

Well, you kids all got your mother's melon head, but the fashion sense is unmistakably mine!Roy

Uh..son. You may wanna wipe the KY-Jelly off of your "six gun" before it messes up your holster.kafka

We're dealing with a dead battery issue in the bedroom -- can I borrow that banana for about 20 minutes?Vice Pope Doug

Billy, are you trying to annoy Freud's ghost, or what?Zenmaster

Goddamn it boy! How many times do I have to tell you?! It's stem *DOWN*!Phaze

Next time, Jeffy, think "pants".Traffic Man

Mom's tied up on the bed in her Pocohantas outfit, you can go in now.Traffic Man

Why that is a banana. I guess I shouldn't draw without my glasses.DMW

"Saaay, feller, is that a banana in your holster or are you just happy...ahh, fuck it! Just pull my finger already.Mask

Y'know, I love it when you kids do stupid crap like this. I barely have to think at all--just draw it up and cash the check! Bahahaha!anon

Wow, little boys, cowboy outfits and bananas! It's like one of my fantasies come to life!Vincent Van Gopher

Looks like your getting ready for a drive-by "fruiting", eh? HAW HAW HAW HAW!zazu

"Hey there, Pardner. I see you're packin' a banana. Well, good for you! Bananas are a great source of potassium and iron, and they'll help you grow up to be a big, strong cowpoke! And there ain't no better friend to a fella when he's out on the range all alone... 'cept maybe his horse."zed-3d

"Hey, Jeffy, let's you 'n' me have a quick-draw contest! Just a second -- I'll go get my TASER."zed-3d

"...Eat your gun...heh heh heh...that's funny. Heh heh... of course, there was a time back in `Nam when I almost did eat my gun. I remember, Jimmy Dugan and I were holed up in this trench just north of PuSan, and this rocket came in and just blew Jimmy's head off...that poor fucker. I can still see his severed head, lying there, one eye gone, along with half of his head, and the other eye just staring at me as if to wonder why I deserved to live and he didn't... oh, quit your goddamn crying, son!"zed-3d

Son, I've told you and told you, the banana goes on the right side if your're submissive...The Sandman

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