DFC #74

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Since Kathy Lee's sweatshops got closed down, she's out of work, so I told her she could babysit for $.25 a day.anon

I caught her entering "I have no legs" captions. The usual punishment?Magus

..and with same sex health benefits, we don't have to stay in the closet!zazu

she's Yoko's bastard child and she's hell-bent on breaking up Menudo!zazu

Well I got her Joan of Arc 'do, but she's hesitiant about the burning at the stake thing! zazu

She's hiding from her parents. They want her to fly cross country. Solo.zazu

As requested, this is Miko Toriyama, grandchild of the bastard that shot down Grampa in WWII. Do with her as you wish, but the boy is mine!Phaze

Gran'ma, guess what! They have melon-headed kids in Asia, too!The Outsider

So P.J., is that a baby bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to meet my friend Becky?kafka

Could YOU explain to Jeffy how foolish he looks with a Beatle moptop?Hugh Jass

Okay, Mabel has marked his best projectile vomit so far. When I get out of the way, squeeze him again, and we'll see if he can beat his record.Hugh Jass

Grandma, this is Marie. She plays me in the French version of the DFC.Hugh Jass

Oh, great and majestic Grand Witch, this is Sally, and she wishes to become one of the coven.Nethicus

Grandma, this is a new character who no one has ever seen before. Therefore, in keeping with the precident set by every episode of Star Trek, it's a safe bet she'll be dead by the next panel.ferret

And if the small one doesn't suit your needs, you might want to consider buying this one.Nat Fairbanks

You'll never believe this, Gra'ma...Dad's the one who napalmed Trahng's parents back in 'NamSmelly Bob

Becki just told me that baldness comes from the Mother's side of the family. What side does Melon-headedness come from?BK

See? I TOLD you she can get out of a straight jacket!Mikael Behrens

"Behold, Grandma, a captive bound and presented for your pleasure! With her I wish to purchase the freedom of the infant Moses!"anon

OK, we gave you the idol, now give us the key to the John! Debbie's gonna explode any second!Capt. phealy

"I found her passin' out Christian pamphlets around the neighborhood. Should I tie her to the sacrificial altar or crucify her upside down?"Cole Mitchell

"As soon as you've finished budding that clone from your chest, can we go to the Discovery Zone?"The Sandman

Here's another little one in the neighborhood who looks suspiciously like Mom. Are you SURE she's not selling them after conception?Keef

No, you listen! If you don't give this girl back her baby, legs are gona be broken. I don't want to go into it any further.Mojo Bohrovski

Be nice to our comics exchange student. She's the first one who's ever volunteered to come.DMW

Hey, you senile old bag, that's not PJ's bottle. That's a tube of Crest.Rich Coughlan

I told you my Grandma had the biggest goiter in the entire retirement community.Rich Coughlan

Grandma, this is my new personal assistant, Li Ting. If she catches anyone going into my room uninvited, she'll leave them in a heap in the hallway. I'm sure we understand each other, right Grandma?The Bear

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