DFC #87

(a cheery warmfuzzy cartoon that you can't see)

Daddy, if he dies can I disect him?tb

I just don't understand it, first, when we were in Mexico, he makes Jeffy swallow those white, rubber sussages, and now he is trying to shake them out.Zebra

Okay Dolly, just like I told ya...sneak up behind Dad and PANTS him!Doc EVIL

Pssst, Dolly! That camcorder's running, right? We're one "child abuse" lawsuit away from our lovenest in Bimini, babe!!anon

If you kick him in the nuts real quick, we can take both of them out.hpl

I still don't understand! Why does Daddy WANT to be covered in vomit?halaq

They're performing an excerpt from the all-pedophile production of Swan Lake!MechaGumby

If Dad wasn't so cheap we could have a "real" swing set.Tazabby

Betcha I can give him a hernia when its my turn!Tazabby

Yeah, Jeffy ate a 50 this time. Dad says if he won't cough it up, he's gonna reach in the other end and *pull* it out!anon

Cool! It's just like Mortal Kombat! FINISH HIM, DADDY!!Pope Rich

And then St. Antioch of Keane raised the Holy Melon Grenade on high saying: "Bless this Lord, thy Holy Melon Grenade..."knuckles

The acid must be kickin' in...I'm getting some wicked trails off of Jeffy's feet.Diggit

Jeffy inhaled the whole tank of helium!paTRICK heSTER

He hasn't made a single basket yet, but it's still fun to watch.Greg J

Now we airbrush Daddy out of the picture, and the Weekly World News will pay us ten grand for our "levitating boy" photo.Greg J

I hope we get a new hair dryer soon. Jeffy and I get really dizzy from this.Greg J

Believe me, it works wonders! I always comb my hair with Jeffy's teeth!Kurt L.

"He's done this probably a hundred times, but the look on Jeffy's face when dad lets go is still priceless!"zed-iculous

"Okay, now I've divided the wall behind dad into a sixteen-square grid. Each square is five bucks. The payoff square is whichever one Jeffy's head hits when Dad loses his grip. Get the picture? And no, before you ask, you can't buy the ceiling. That's considered an invalid toss."zed-iculous

Hide, Dolly! Daddy's on another 'roid rage!Jenna

This is creepy. Jeffy passed away a week ago, yet Dad keeps offering him up to God, praying for a miracle.El Vez

Dad just hates to lose at tic-tac-toe!Ethelred

Dad had to hock the barbells. Again.zazu

Jeffy had 3 hotdogs and a hot fudge Sundae for lunch. This oughta be good!zazu

This is cool. Dad's drunk his ass and he's reinacting his winning touchdown for Midvale High!zazu

I hope you hid your 'llowance! Daddy's shakin' down everyone for booze change again!!Vice Pope Doug

I feel a much stronger sense of family bonding since we all started wearing uniforms ......Vice Pope Doug

Fifty bucks says this doesn't get him out of the coma...Dofang

No, me! It's my turn to ride the ceiling fan!Rotter

Didn't you hear? Dad got that job at the car wash! This time tomorrow we'll be eating! Eating, Dolly!Rotter

Dad! we already saw you do the supplex... let's see the bone-crusher!Joe Batutis

I hope dad sniffs me next!Nat Fairbanks

He made 35 feet with mommy. I'll bet he gets at least 50 feet with PJ.Blackstone

Laaaadies! and Gentlemennn!! For his next trick, the Amazin' Bil will attempt to swallow this boy whole without ralphing!!kafka

Spike him hard Daddy!anon

So many NAMBLA jokes, so little time.DMW

See, Daddy's great!! He uses Jeffy's ass to scrub those black marks off of the ceiling. Mommy would just use a scrub brush!Bozo

Watch this... I just taught Jeffy how to vomit on command.Paul Roub

I've seen dad eat human hearts before, but never like this! This is gonna be cool!Kurt L.

Actually, I'm the one who drank all dad's beer -- I just left the empty cans in Jeffy's room. The perfect crime! Kurt L.

WATCH OUT FOR THE...(thunka thunka thunka)...ceiling fan...Adam Schiff

Okay Dolly, go long for the pass!Anastasia

My tummy ache is gettin' worse! I bet I spew on Daddy! That would rule!!Vice Pope Doug

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