The Dysfunctional Family Circus Home Companion

I think Kurt S. spoke for us all when he said in DFC #194,

All I can say us, if this is drawn from Bil's real life with his kids, there are some deeeep psychological scars that need healing...

The DFC Home Companion started with the Memoir Captions. It was a combination of Westur the Unspeakable's Guilty Pleasures (Thel's deliciously evil memoirs) and the inventive memoir titles that triggered my desire to compile all the memoir captions into one site.

After was created and the gang got into meta-conversations about the captions, I realized we had a lot of in-jokes and expanded the memoirs into the DFC Home Companion you see today. It's a little like a scrapbook of the DFC's history. A sick, twisted scrapbook that could possibly be used in a NAMBLA lawsuit one day, but a scrapbook nonetheless.

The Annotated DFC (through DFC #471) DFC Memoirs (through DFC #471)


The Kids The "Parents" Innocent Bystanders
Miscellaneous DFC Themes / Expanded Annotations



Credits : Doc Evil, Rob Meyers (R.J.M.), Sean Reynolds, Ben McClellan, wyvern, the skyclad answer, phonesux, Darth Tigger, Jim Davis (hippie), Erich "Desscribe" Mees

Special thanks to Westur the Unspeakable for catching cartoon/caption mismatches in the 1/29/99 batch.

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