The Annotated DFC : DFC Self-Referential All Stars

Like the DFC and Spinnwebe self-referential captions that appeared, eventually specific DFC members were immortalized, too. They started early, with Andy Ihnatko in DFC #19. Craig Myers, spinn/Greg, Vice Pope Doug, Mark Rosenfelder, R.J.M., Werehamster and Namgubed the Merry Elf came onto the scene in later captions. Recently, my addition as an editor has made me fair game, too.

DFC #15
As Jeffyzilla continued his rampage through the Tokyo Arboretum, the military, led by the mysterious Doctor Iknato, prepared its secret weapon... [Paul T. Riddell]

DFC #19
Dolly, here comes Andy and his usual captions. You go that way and hide. [Len Mizutowicz]

DFC #20
Guess what? This book contains the collected captions of Andy Ihnatko for _this_ cartoon _alone_! [anon]

DFC #24
"Andy has a lot of free time on his hands?" Of course he does. Hell, in two hours this morning he made more dough writing than you made all week working in that office. Hey, isn't your 20-minute lunch break almost over? [Andy Ihnatko]

DFC #164
If only Andy Ihtanko were still submitting captions. He'd know how to deal with this one. [glrbxbf]

DFC #117
I'm tellin' ya Craig, this lazing about at the beach on Labor Day Weekend is great, but do you have any idea how many captions we'll have to screen when we get back to the DFC on Tuesday? [paTRICK heSTER]

DFC #75
...keep the "crack whore" caption and the ones about the shopping list. Easy on the suicide and "pull my finger" themes-we got too goddamn many. I gotta go see Craig about a new server. [zazu]

You call that a cgi script? Ha, I've seen Craig's mom write better code than that. [Yakko]

DFC #403
CHICAGO, IL (AP): The MCI backbone of the Internet was down for over 16 hours after over 75,000 users submitted identical messages to the same website, flooding the entire network and bringing it to a halt. "It was awful," lamented editor Craig Myers. "I logged in, and already there were over 350 lines all reading, 'poop keeps the shoe wher it is'. I deleted them as fast as I could, but the system just kept getting slower and slower." Greg Galcik, owner of the site in question, was not available for comment. Rhea Wilson, spokesperson for MCI says, "I haven't seen this much traffic since, well, I'd have to go all the way back to the Ken Starr report." [Heath]

DFC #6
"...and please, Greg, no more ritalin or incest jokes." --anon

DFC #413
After a midnight 'visit' from some of the Keanes, spinn's DFC page and archives mysteriously dropped off the net, never to be seen again. [The Dork Wanderer]

DFC #233
Dolly? Greg. I see you recieved the "Spinnwebe" shorts we sent. Thanks again for all the pictures, Doll. You've been a great help! If you ever need banner advertising, just give us a ring. --Riff

DFC #124
"Yeah, I'm 'Vice-Pope Doug'. What's it to you?" [Paul T. Riddell]

DFC #202
Is this the version written by Vice Pope Doug? [Mr. Ben]

DFC #293
Look PJ - [insert your choice of the following: Mom's; Gramma's; Daddy's; Roy's; Billy's; Jeffy's; Princess Di's; Vice Pope Doug's; Grampa's; Claude Lemeiux's] on TV! How cool is that? [xian, the boy with the monkey heart (just kidding, love ya, pope!)]

DFC #319
The opening scene of The Vice Pope Must Die! [Gen. Sedgwick]

DFC #400
Okay, everyone give a hand to Agnes Crabtree who won the "I Want to Appear in the Difficult Zone" contest with the correct answers of Marfan and Vice Pope Doug! For those of you playing at home, the DZs in this panel: (a)Jeffy uses his Hypno-Hair on Agnes; (b)PJ offers her the chance to pull his finger; (c)Dolly enters with "Extreme Shopping!!! SURGE!!!; (d)Billy pulls off a double by trippin his nutsak while using poop to remain wher he is; (e)while Thel gives a rousing Food on you, plate!; (f) the cart is full of Soylent Green and Psychic Ferns; and finally (g) Bill and Roy stayed at home to do drugs and sodomize young boys!!! Again, thank you Agnes! Everyone at the DFC hopes to see you again soon! [Elbow (who think that there ain't a chance in Hell this will make it to green.)]

DFC #213
This was the day that Jeffy was supposed to meet his real father...Mark Rosenfelder. To be honest, Mark was dreading this day MORE than Jeffy was! [Mr. Ben]

DFC #393
Oh, we elves are doing fine, Mrs. Claus... except perhaps for Namgubed, who keeps talking about melting every city on the planet with liquid hot magma. [NME (shameless self-reference)]

DFC #392
R.J.M. and Namgubed discuss their streaks ending, and which editor to blame... [R.J.M.]

DFC #388
No one suspected the cute little rodent they saw earlier could have a mean streak a mile wide. -- scene from Night of the Werehamster [NME (droppin' names like flies)]

DFC #442
I tried to say "Hi" to Raven like the message said, but he just ripped my heart out like in Indiana Jones! --Livin' In Deep 13 (Hi Raven, and Farewell MST)

DFC #446
And then Raven said I was spelling "fiery" wrong, and -- hey! Are you listening to me? --Bad Girl