DFC Home Companion : Clockwork Orange

OK, my little droogs, let's head to the milk bar before our night of ultraviolence. --The Unmasked Revenger

Shooting out that streetlight was a marvy idea my little droogy! I'll distract the little candybags and you surprise 'em with your lovely little shiny-sharp! --patrik

Of course your bottom is sore! You know better than to go in the basement when Billy and his friends are playing "Clockwork Orange"! --Vice Pope Doug

Greetings, you stinking starry old sharps. My droogs and I malenky a bit of the ol' in-out. --Evil Ed

..and I remeber me mum reading me the bible. Me favorite bit was when she read me about Jesus and I vidied meself whipping the great white christ and making the red red crovey flow real horrorshow like.. Jeffy X:Case study #114A-12 psychopathic behaviour journal --anon

"There's been an accident. Can I and my droogs come in and use your phone?" --Shem

There was me, and my three droogs. And we thought it was time for the old, surprise visit. There was this old devochka, and her puss-pots giving each other kitty-tol-chocks and thrashings! --Erekose

It's not my fault that the Muzak played Beethoven. They should have known better than to put on The Ninth. -- Dolly Keane, A Clockwork Melon --Ken

"Your humble son will lick the sole of your grahzny vonny boot, oh my Pop." (A Clockwork Family Circus) --anon

"Look, my droogs! Eggy-weggs, all rainbow-like, real horrorshow!" --Dvandom

"Siiiiiingin' in the rain...I'm siiiiiiiiingin' in the rain..." The Keanes had to halt their murder spree when they realized this was a seafood restaurant and not a milk bar. --Pete

"The brown brown strack of his vonny neezhnies made your humble narrator's keeshkas gurgle all bolnoy-like. Ironic-like it was, for it smelled right sladky when I pushed the old pan-handle up his sharries." --A Circular Orange, Wiliam Alexander Keane--Stan Xhiao