The Annotated DFC : Foreign Family Circus

DFC #225
I told my Hitler Youth Commandant about that little comment you made last night when you thought I was asleep. I guess 6 months of hard labor will make you think twice before calling our Fuehrer a "one-balled wonder" again. - translated from "Das FamilienZirk", 1938. --Schickelgruber

DFC #228
Finish your exercises, and eat your beet soup. Then you will become big and strong, and can conquer Europe for the Fuehrer and the Fatherland! - translated from "Das FamilienZirk" (Hitler's second favorite comic strip, after "Those Damned Jews!") --Schickelgruber

DFC #232
Look, Mama! I can Sig Heil with both hands while goose-stepping! The Sudetenland must be returned to the Fatherland! - translated from Das FamilienZirk, 1938 --Schickelgruber

DFC #248
"Can not you see I am wanting the ball? Lines emanate from my forehead! My mouth is wide in expectation!" --The Family Circus, Slovenian Translation -- Jizmo the Wonder Horse

DFC #261
Translated from the Japanese: "Ha ha! I am so silly Jeffy! Now you see me laughing as you try to feed the bear! Hello is now so fun in the morning!" -- From Biru Kinosawa's Kazoku Circus --Sir Chuck

DFC #317
Translated from the Japanese: "O respected parents! Now we ask you come to see our special magic that is camping fun! See us levitate in excitement! Even the dogs are curious yes!" -- From Biru Kinosawa's Kazoku Circus --Sir Chuck

DFC #342
"Mutti, you must stop wearing that decadent dress. It is not suitable for a good German hausfrau." --translated from Das Familienzirk by Wilhelm Kiene, 1938 --Marnen Laibow-Koser

DFC #363
"Behold! I send a cat upon your head!" "Not to fear, Mother, for only the dog will attach to my Velcro hair!" --from The Jerry Lewis Family Circus, translated from the French. --Heath

DFC #390
"It is sad. Dead children. Drab scenery. Pain." - Badly translated German caption from Der Family Cirrrrrrkus --Monkey Punch

DFC #398
Ha Ha! Cookies are burnt! Mom has mess. Dad doesn't know but eats happy - Japanese Translation of That Wacky, Loud, Dirty Family in the One Circle Circus --Monkey Punch

DFC #411
"Too much Jagermeister! Leiderhosen too tight! The Homeland is disgraced!" - rough translation of German verison Der Family Cirkus. --Monkey Punch

DFC #416
"Mother! I am woeful of sibling antics! Order Jurgen to at once be returning of my candies and forearms. I request it!" -- from "SphereDwelling Family" the Norwegian version of the DFC --Brettt Maverick

DFC #418
Mother! Cessation of Jurgen's frolic is recent past! I have been removing of spinal cord and stem of nerves of Jurgen! Adulate my prowess, mother! I request it! -- From "Sphere Dwelling Family", the Norwegian DFC --Brettt Maverick

DFC #428
"Da, komrades. Chernobyl eggs are safe and fun to eat, and completely unresponsible for my grossly mis-shapen body." -- Rough translation of the Soviet Union's most popular strip, Communal State Circus. --Helder

"This egg of Western Zionist opression is only to hatch as a series of infinitely deceitful scoundrel plans aimed at tarnishing the wonderful image of our most humble leader, all praise be to him." Winning entry, by Iraq's Al-Thawra State newspaper, for the 'World's Least Faithful Translation Of the Family Circus' --Hang Lose

DFC #438
"Hello, Mother!" I see you have bags full of the misery of the oppressed worker! I, too,have a box of cruel lies of the capitalist oppression machine! --From the Cuban newspaper strip Round Oppressing Family Window --zen