The Annotated DFC : DFC Fun Facts

DFC #445
DFC Fun Fact #6: PJ first entered the strip as a cross-over from the late, beloved 'Henry'. --Octophile

DFC #402
DFC Fun Fact #27: Before wedding Bil, Thel was the number-one seed in the Australian Topless Wrestling League. --Coalcracker

DFC #385
DFC Fun Fact #72: On occasion Thel's midriff does a great impersonation of Thel's neck. --Gen. Sedgwick

DFC #412
Family Circus Fun Fact #78: The Keanes were originally going to play the Von Trapps in Disney's The Sound of Music. The idea was dropped when test audiences found the Nazis more sympathetic. --phil

DFC #375
DFC Fun Fact #93: For a brief stretch in 1964-65 Bil Keane was obsessed with the works of Piet Mondrian. --Gen. Sedgwick

DFC #455
DFC Fun Fact #173: This strip's original caption -- ...and Billy brings up the rear -- is the one and only time that the Cowles editors allowed Bil Keane to use "Billy" and "up the rear" in the same sentence. --Helder

DFC #460
DFC Fun Fact #237: This is one of only three panels in which Bil appears where the uneditted caption wasn't originally "I hate it when Daddy drinks!"--aa

DFC #377
DFC Fun Fact #412: Bil Keane was brainwashed in the same North Korean POW camp as Raymond Shaw (cf. The Manchurian Candidate.) --Gen. Sedgwick

DFC #414
Fun DFC Fact #532: In the 1970s, Bil Keane and Morrie Turner secretly met to divide the comic strip world. The basket of goodies was seen as appeasement for Keane's move into the Argus Herald-Picayune -- or as he called it, "Lebensraum." --Coalcracker

DFC #426
Fun Family Circus Facts: This scene, occurring just moments before a severely intoxicated Bil beats Dolly into the ICU for "showin' off her fancy grade school learnin'" is the last in which she doesn't have the scar. --Hang Lose

DFC #460
DFC Factoid: 45% of all dinner conversation at the Keane table involves the request to "be excused." 23% of all such requests are made directly to God.--aa