The Annotated DFC : Goofus and Gallant

... at the beach, Gallant says, "no swimming until an hour after eating," while Goofus says, "no eating until an hour after watching fat people play volleyball." [Namgubed the Merry Elf]

So if the little wooden guys ARE naked...why don't they get Goofus to steal some of Gallant's clothes for 'em? [Jenn Dolari]

You can have Gallant...I'd do Goofus in a second. OK, next: Archie or Jughead? [Rotter]

Mom, look! Goofus is giving Gallant a rimjob! [Kevy]

Are Cain and Abel the original Goofus and Gallant? [Kevy]

Goofus leans on freshly painted walls. [Coyote]

While Gallant sits patiently at the dining table, Goofus hocks one heck of phlegm into Mother's cooking [Kevy]

Gallant tries hard to keep his tears from freezing to his face. Goofus is stuck to the oak tree in a frozen puddle of her own urine. [bobo]

Your son Gallant is obediant, attentive and extremely polite. However, your other son Goofus likes to snap my bra all day long! [Kevy]

Gallant binges; Goofus (played here by PJ Keane) purges. [Crazy Climber following the yellow brick asterisk]

Bil's too engrossed by thought to be disturbed: Is the plural 'Goofuses' or 'Goofi'? [Ken]

Note to self, please install software to block all Goofus and Gallant replies - Spinn. [ChAoS]

"Gallant makes 8,999,999,999. What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, hypno-hair." As soon as Dolly uttered those words, the stars began to go out, one by one. -- Arthur C. Clarke, The Nine Billion Names in the Difficult Zone [Ken]

Goofus displays his booger for all to see while Gallant... Oh shit, wrong URL again.--Frenchy, the Toad Swallower

Gallant assembles a sailing ship. Goofus assembles a toy Cthulhu. Billy takes one sniff at the pieces, guesses where half of them have been, and refuses to touch them again.--Ken