The Annotated DFC : Sperm-Burping Gutter Slut

Yeah, I know she's a sperm-burping gutter slut, but you gotta admit...she makes one helluva pot roast! [kafka]

Well excuuuse ME! I was lost and scared! So when the security guard asked me for a description of you I thought that mailman-fucking, booze lovin', club-hopping, line dancing, child-molesting, crack smokin', sperm guzzling, jetson-headed, D-cup wearin' gutter slut was an apt description! [zazu]

Whew! With all the young, fresh "talent" showin' up in the neighborhood, Thel will be outta business before you can say "sperm-burpin'-gutter-slut"! [kafka]

"You will soon dine with a sperm-burping gutter-slut"....Wow! These fortune cookies really work! [kafka]

50% off birth control pills.... Buy 1 get 1 free offers on Trojans.... Man, this 'Sperm-Burping Gutter Slut' catalog has EVERYTHING! [Magus]

"Look, mom!" exclaimed Dolly. "It's the wilted flower I was telling you about. Perfect analogy for your descent from beauty and hope into the washed out cum-cuzzling gutter slut shell of a woman you are now, eh?" [Skywise]

"Sperm-burping gutter sluts? Just a minute... Mommy! It's for you!" [Generik]

Too easy, Billy! But if you want to perform a "Spermburpinggutterslut-ectomy" out in the kitchen, I for one would be eternally grateful!! [Vice Pope Doug]

If that's how Barfy got his name, why isn't Thel named "Spitting Up Semen"? [L. Fitzgerald Sjöberg]

o/` Said the melonhead to the gutter slut / Do you hear what I hear? o/` --Werehamster

We need help with 43-Across, 10 letters, "Sperm-burping _____ (2 wds)" Any ideas? [Gen. Sedgwick]

"Ahoy! Sperm-burping gutter slut off the starboard bow - all hands prepare a boarding party!" [hangtownman]

"PJ just said his first word! Err, wait, is sperm-burping-gutter-slut, just one word?" [Erekose]

"Geez, Mom, look at her. Nothin' more than a bird-burping gutter slut." [Crazy Climber]

While Bil and the family are on vacation, Dr. Seuss sits in: "The burper of sperm and the slut of the gutter tries to scatter or splatter the cat on the counter, while the melonhead felon is yellin' of smellin' the ornery odorous pound hound he found." [Sean Q]

"In this room, we have the Goose-Necked Gutter Slut. Indigenous to Australia, this female was imported to America for breeding. Here we see it tidying its nest in a rare moment of activity." [Sean Q]

"Dolly finally split for good when the Stones passed through town in '65. We forgot about her until a year later, when that damned song came out....the bitch of it is, I was THIS close to running off with Mick and Keith myself..." -- Thelma Keane-Springsteen, I Was a Cum-Burping Gutter Slut Band Groupie [anon]

Thelma Keane
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia.
Birth sign: Cancer.
Measurements: 38-13-35.
Hobbies: Sperm-burping, housework, camping.
Turn-ons: Shiny surfaces, hallucinogens, cold cash.
Turn-offs: Cartoonists, poverty, whatever the kids just did. [Gen. Sedgwick]

You know, The Borrowers aren't all that cute when they're three feet tall and call you a come-burping gutter slut as they run by. [Pete]

Mrs. Houghtendale said your tea was a wee bit strong, and Mrs. Pennyfeather said your cucumber sammiches were a 'saster. Oh, and Lady Redzoneleydale said you're a cum burping gutter slut. [Smokey]

The sperm-burping gutter slut is a person in your your neighborhood...they're a person that you meet...when you're walking down the street..." ---Jester

Thank you for choosing to have your captions presented in German: Die Einezitzenguttersluttenfingersteckenwilhelmstossen--Ken

"So you can see that log of fag and oing both traced the usual caption trajectories. Unfortunately for you, sperm-burping gutter slut is proving to be the outlier."--scoob