The Annotated DFC : Haikus

	You know, it might be a cli-
	che, but I'm not bad, 
	I'm just drawn that way.

-- Dolly, speaking in haiku, Open Mike Night [Magus]

	"I did not break it. 
	Blame it on the ghost 'Not Me'. 
	I am innocent." 

-Haiku [Magus]

	"Standing in the dirt / 
	your shoes will fill up with mud / 
	I will laugh at you.

Haiku!" [Westur the Unspeakable]

	"I block Kitty's sun / 
	Dolly tries to tell Mother / 
	Her blood warms the cat."

-- P.J. Keane: A Biography in Haiku [Crazy Climber]

	"My secret salute / 
	Kittycat's excited grin / 
	The first to go: Sam."

-- P.J. Keane: A Biography in Haiku, p. 27 [Crazy Climber]

	"Billy's jaw drops slack / 
	Crumbs tumble from his red lips / 
	Bil and Roy at it" 

-- DFC Haiku #66 [Crazy Climber]

"Laughing's not easy/ When you've stared into the void/ And Bil Keane stares back."

-- Haiku [The 13th Angel (Savagely plundering the yellow zone)]

	We sit high on chair/
	Thel becomes angry with us/
	Pull my finger now 

- DFC Haiku Contest Entry, Last Place [Monkey Punch]

	The bread attracts them // 
	Come to me little birdies // 
	And pull my finger


	"Shop-ping re-min-der. 
	 Ce-re-al tea soap ice cream. 
	 Coo-kies plas-tic sol-

--god damn, the little shits can't even write a decent haiku!" [Heath]

	It is a sad day/
	When you look down at your shoe/
	and find your career 

- Official Haiku of DFC [Monkey Punch]

	Dishes are dirty/
	Housework is bondage mommy/
	I think Jeffy's dead 

- Last place entry, 1962 DFC Haiku World Championships, Helsinki, Finland [Lt. Dan]

	"Running on all fours / 
	My stomach lusts for child flesh / 
	What have I become?" 

-- Barfy, Haiku [Magus]

A spray of Bactine/A self-[HAIKU SERVER LOCKED/TRY AGAIN LATER] --the negroes in the forest are brightly feathered

	Elephant cookie / 
	is halfway to his damn mouth / 
	Joy! I take the shot

--a true bushido, Jeffy mentally composed haiku when sharpshooting. --aa