The Annotated DFC : Alternative 'Not Me's

Not Me's got a brother, Mom. His first name's "Bite." [MechaGumby]

Ida Know? Not Me? Uh, uh... well, there's a new ghost in the house named It's Not My Fucking Fault So Leave Me the Fuck Alone You Skanky Ho. Maybe it was him. [ferret]

You wanna know who threw the ball through the window? Ok. I'm not gonna lie to you. It wasn't "Ida No" or "Notme". There's this new kid I saw running from the house. His name is "Getta Life". [El Kabong]

Despite the Keane family's claim that they were forced at gunpoint to fellate Ida Know, Not Me, and their friends, Heywood Jablowme, Anita Blowjob, and Dick Harder, in a sick orgy of terror, the videotape revealed nothing. [Schickelblowme]

O Yeah: Appeared with great frequency between 12/74 and 2/75 until severe public outcry forced this Excuse Ghost off the strip, rivaled in rank unpopularity only by I Learned It By Watching You and You Only Got Hit Because You Called Me A Drunkard, both of whom lasted less than two weeks each - The Annotated History of the Family Circus [tv's Spatch]

I've just been informed that O. Yeah! has just been assigned to us. God Damn! and O. Shit! were just recalled to "Hi & Lois". [bobo]

"No Thel, it wasn't 'I Dunno' or 'Not Me' it was 'I Don't Give A Fuck'!!" [Bil's Drinkin' Buddy]

'Sorry, Mom! Me an' PJ have been moved to Ghostly status. I'm "Beats The Fuck Out Of Me" and Peej is "Oh Shit"!' [tv's Spatch]

Let's welcome the newest ghost to the FC line-up: Die Damn You, DIE!!! [Doc Evil]

Thel finally realized her ride on the gravy train was over the day the last original Keane character decided to leave the cartoon, jumping over the bodies of Not Me, I Don't Know and a late addition to the cast, Who Gives a Fuck? on her way out the door. [Delsyn]

Failed Exclamation Ghost #42: "Stomp the Shit Outta Me!" [Doc Evil]