The DFC Home Companion : Palindromes

DFC #424
"A man, a jar, an oing, GNIONARAJANAMA!", From America's Worst Palindromes, 3rd ed. --Eric the Black

DFC #429
A bitch, a pen, a scrawl, LWARCSA...Ah shit. Like this caption style's got even one more fucking breath left in it. --zen

Hot off the Palindromic Newswires: "Pale Bil's Ward Draws Libel -- (AP)" --scoob

DFC #434
"See, cat stays. Sup not on pussy at Stacee's" -dust jacket blurb from The DFC's Greatest Palindromes, Sexual Innuendos and Chinese Take-Out Menu Disclaimers --Sean Q (see what insomnia does to a mind?)

DFC #435
"Poop" --from The Dysfunctional Family Circus's Most Succinct Palindromes --Heath

DFC #442
"Lose nipple? Help, Pine Sol!" -- from Thel's Handy Palindromic Guide To Using Common Household Cleaning Products for First Aid --scoob

DFC #455
"Evil on a . . . er . . . a secret fish sifter? Cesarean olive?" -- Palindromic Twenty Questions was much harder than anybody realized. --scoob (correcting a spelling error)

DFC #458
"Repaid an idiot. Toid in a diaper." - Excerpt from PJ's Joisey Joinal of Palindromes --JoeBurgher

DFC #466
"Wet Serta / Dad at rest / Ew." Big Book of Bad DFC Palindromic Poetry--Sean Q