The Annotated DFC : Vacation Pennants

The Pennant started out in DFC #184, during the Keane's Washington DC vacation. During the entire vacation series, Keane included one of the kids carrying a pennant saying "Washington DC", presumably to let us all know that the Keanes were on vacation there. Apparently, he thought the world-famous landmarks and monuments in the background of every scene weren't quite enough to clue us in on that one....

Fizzy seems to have agreed and submitted

I really have no idea where we are, considering I can't read PJ's pennant!

If he hits me in the back of the head with that flag one more goddamn time, I'm gonna make a PJ-kabob. [Tim]

"You know what? I'm getting pretty damn tired of P.J. holding that damned 'Washington, D.C.' pennant." [Daniel Lanker]

I THINK it's a horse..but he's not carrying a pennant with the word HORSE, so.. [Fizzy]

Now there's a great place to stick PJ's damn pennant! [Riff]

Thank God PJ keeps holding that pennant up. Otherwise, they might confuse this place with one of those other cities the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building and the Iwo Jima Memorial are in!!! [Rotter]

Don't cry, PJ. I think I see your pennant up there! [phonsux]

My hand is clenched in a fist of rage because the special interest groups have turned this once great shrine of Democracy into a bloated monument to man's greed. Also, I accidentally sat on that damn pennant. [Schickelgruber]

He came up for air once, but PJ jabbed him with that pennant. [anon]

Having wrested the goddamn pennant away from PJ, Dolly saw the perfect chance to stick it where it really belonged... [anon]

Mommy, any luck in getting PJ's pennant out of Daddy's you-know-what??! We're getting worried! [kewie]

So I did some math and figured, with only three kids, they'd be able to feed us each four times a week! Who wants to ice the little pennant toting freak? [keldog]

"Hey, does this mean a whole bunch of Keane Family in Australia strips are coming up? Great. Twenty more strips of PJ carrying around a fucking Australia pennant until Dolly rams it down his throat, and the Sydney Opera house in the background of every god-damn panel just so we don't forget where we are...Christ I hate this strip. Maybe dingos will eat Bil. [Jester]

Catch you later, Jeffy--PJ and I are off to party with Senator Kennedy in DC. Once you've carried that "Washington" pennant, things just start going your way. [marty gray]

Rush. Larry King. Liddy. NPR. Y'know, the only difference between this and a trip to D.C. is that damn pennant. [Gen. Sedgwick]

"No, he's the little one. The one with the pennant. Look, never mind, just bring the sawed-off, willya? That little monkey boy isn't fucking up this vacation." --Pete, salvaging himself and Gerald's Better Half

You lost the bet, young man. Now eat the pennant.... --Bad Girl

The Keanes are on vacation this week. Jeffy subtly reminds us that they'll be visiting Mt. Rushmore today. --Ken

I don't know the Amish guy, but apparently this fellow invented the pennant! --Bill

Judging by PJ's new pennant, the Keanes are now officially 'in a world of shit.'--Svingen

"We're designing new pennants. So far we have 'parole hearing', 'IRS audit', 'legal Nevada bordello', 'Ebola quarantine ward' and 'same sex wedding'. Oughta liven things up, don't you think?"--Svingen

"The one panel he ever did that could actually use a pennant and he tries to get creative. It's no wonder I can never get past the Fourth Step." -Amends, Jeffy Keane.--Stan Xhiao