The Annotated DFC : Collector's Items

DFC #30
Continuing our Comix Collectibles half-hour here on QVC, we have the latest in the DFC Collectors' Plate series. It's item 18726, entitled "Jumped, Or Pushed?" --Andy Ihnatko

DFC #152
"And next up on QVC, from the Franklin Mint's "Despised Comic Strips" collection, we have this lovely statue of the matriarch of the Keane clan, Thelma, surrounded by her melon-headed accidents of birth. Isn't it beautiful? This statue, suitable for dashboards or end tables, will start at two dollars. Only two dollars, to own a piece of comics' darkest hour..." --Thomas Wilde

DFC #223
Hummels, snowbabys ..and now Keane family Kollektibles! The Franklin Mint RULES!! --anon

DFC #234
The Franklin Mint introduces its latest figurine to its popular DFC line. This charming piece, entitled "Jeffy Gets Lockjaw", will be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come, and is yours for only 15 monthly installments of $39.95 each. --tv's Spatch

DFC #244
"Jeffy gets his" - First in a series of Family Circus commemerative plates. Available now from the Franklin Mint! --Westur the Unspeakable

DFC #253
"Dolly's first pepper spray" - A new Family Circus commemorative plate - Available now from the Franklin Mint! --Westur the Unspeakable

DFC #259
"Dry heaves" - a new Family Circus commemorative collector's plate - Order yours now from the Franklin Mint! --Westur the Unspeakable

DFC #266
Now, from the Franklin Mint: the Jeffy(tm) Fruit Stand. You can have your grapes served to you by America's favorite preschooler in this handsomely proportioned hand painted porcelain collectible. Grape stem not included. --Peon

DFC #273
"The coroner's call" - A new Family Circus commemmerative collecter's plate - Available now from the Franklin Mint! --Westur the Unspeakable

DFC #279
Delightful scenes of Jane Goodall's early work can be yours to treasure forever with these beautifully crafted collector's-edition plates from the Franklin Mint. --M

DFC #287
Item No.10: an attractive serving plate, shown here with a serving suggestion. As the food is eaten, a warmhearted Keane family scene is revealed: Thel stripes Dolly's back with a lash, while a jolly Not Me, the real culprit, takes off with the cookies. --ysabella

DFC #296
Now available from the Franklin Mint - Family Circus plate #21: the delivery of Family Circus plate #20. --Riff

DFC #325
Collector's Plate #175: Billy's ambition to be a club DJ goes over poorly with his Luddite father. --Hugh Jass

DFC #338
The first of many in the Dolly's Long Slide Into Hard-Core Porn line of collectable plates. --Shifter

DFC #341
Number Two in a series of Miserable World of Thel collector's plates. --Ultra-Girl

DFC #343
"Bil learns the value of Tequila" - Keane Family Plate, Series 1 Number 7 from the Franklin Mint --myke

DFC #364
On this third Kennedy Family Remembered collectors' plate, John and little Caroline go clam digging so Jackie can make her famous chowder. --Sean Q

DFC #365
The second in the DFC: Tales from the Superfund Site collectors' plate series. --hangtownman

DFC #366
This new, limited edition plate from the Franklin Mint depicts all the DFC impossible zones: Thel cooking soylent green and/or the pets, Jeffy in his most beloved sexual position, Dolly grappling with the realization that she will never be as popular as Jeffy, Bil's addled attempt at detail, all while a stoned Billy looks on. A "must have" for serious DFCers! --The 13th Angel

DFC #410
Experts predict that this plate from the Franklin Mint L'il Menaces collection, entitled "Fuck you, dad!" will double in value within a year. Order yours today! --Helder

DFC #416
Now you, too can own this Bradford Exchange recommendation, So Why Do They Call It "Afterglow"?, for three easy payments of only $29.95. --Gen. Sedgwick

DFC #419
"This one screamed 'hotter than a three-dicked goat in a field of nannies' when I first saw it." --Nathan Lane, hosting QVC's first annual Keane Kollector Plate Super Sale --Stan "Itchy Butt" Xhiao

DFC #428
Collector's Plate #4: Billy impresses everyone with his ability to mispronounce "egg." --Hugh Jass

DFC #445
Keane Kollector Print #45, very limited edition, colored with artist's own blood, bile, and urine. --Stefan Jones

DFC #447
Available on eBay, this touching Family Circus statuette ("Billy's Appendix Unexpectedly Bursts") ultimately wins a top bid of $3.45. --Coalcracker

DFC #448
Franklin Mint celebrates the 20th century with this memorial plate titled "FDR, Stalin and Churchill at Yalta." --Orrin "Julius" Bloquy

DFC #449
Whether you're shooting stripes or solids, the unique, limited edition Family Circus cue ball is sure to bring a smile to any billiard player's face. --Norm DePlume

DFC #456
New from the Franklin Mint, this limited edition collector's plate, entitled "Mr. Bil Keane, I Sentence You To Twenty Years, With No Possibility Of Parole" is available today. Order now! --Helder

DFC #466
And if you find this scene delightful, you'll want to order the next porcelain collector's plate in the series, "Realigning the Ford Bronco," or perhaps the perennial favorite, "Keanes Playing Poker," now also available on velvet, suitable for framing.--Orrin Bloquy

DFC #470
Keane Kollector Plate #470: The Lady, The Tramp, and the sheepdog.--Stan Xhiao

DFC #471
Red Man Collector Tin #1212: Dad Preparing To Fire.--sx