The Annotated DFC : Soylent Green

"Wherever two Keanes gather to break bread, Soylent Green will be there."

Soylent Green is a reference to the movie Soylent Green. Set in a futuristic society, where the populace eats generic nutritious wafers, called "Soylent {Red|Yellow|Green}". In the end, the hero, played by Charlton Heston, finds out what they are actually made of and runs through the street yelling "Soylent Green is made of people! Soylent Green is people!"

Soylent Green tends to be on the Difficult Zone because there's only really one SG joke and it's been done in DFC #1.

This Soylent Green tastes like people! [Nethicus]

It was so cool! There were so many "Soylent Green" and "Mad Cow" jokes in there, the "stupid" bin just collapsed under its own weight! [Pete B.]

Another great meal, Mom. You're just a whiz with Soylent Green! Toozday

Is this where your stomach hurts? I can't find anything must have been all those damned 'Soylent Green and Mad Cow Disease' captions you had to stomach last week. [The Unmasked Revenger]

It always happens...whenever we eat dinner here in the DFC zone, I start mumbling about Soylent Green. I don't even know what the hell Soylent Green is! [Diggit]

Mmmm, roast Barfy, Soylent Green, mad cow dis...oops, I thought this was another "eating" picture. Never mind. [Greg J]

NAMBLA pull bodybag floss finger vibrator pimp bomb fucking abuse me skanky patricide, soylent dead cokehead barf 'n eat. --There, the whole DFC crossword puzzle! [Ethelred]

Generic DFC Caption #100 - If you ask me Barfy tasted much better than the Soylent Green! [Yakko]

Hey, have you guys ever actually read the ingredients to this Soylent Green shit? [Greg J]

I wish you guys knew how extremely difficult it is to keep eating all this soylent green and family members/pets. For some reason, being poisoned isn't so difficult this time, though. [Greg J]

Ah yes, another "eating one". Well, we finally got to eat Barfy, even if it was indirect, an' I'm pretty damn sure those little cubes were Soylent Green. An' I feel like I've been poisoned. Ah yes, "Dining Out in the Difficult Zone"! [Vice Pope Doug]

Remember, if a grownup tries to make you get into his or her car, talk about having sex with Barfy and eating Soylent Green. You'll be instantly transported to the red asterisk. [His Imperial Majesty]

Remember, we want to stay out of the red asterisk, so ixnay on the oylentsay eengray. [His Imperial Majesty]

Awww, Mommy! What fun is watching you cook if "Soylent Green" jokes are in the Impossible Zone? [The Outsider]

"...and soylent mauve is made of people and crayons!" [Heath]

It's Friday kids! Difficult Zone Night! Would you rather have Barfy or Soylent Green? [Vice Pope Doug]

We figure if we can spell out "Soylent Green" the DFC will have to remove this one, and then maybe we can have one meal in peace. [worth a shot]

Oh God, Mommy... I had this awful dream that wirehead college geeks with no lives were making comments on our day-to-day activities. The comments usually involved substance abuse, untold sexual perversions, Soylent Green, miscellaneous scatological gags... [Doc Evil]

"Soylent green... hypno-hair... milk cartons?" I didn't know there was a TV show about the Difficult Zone! [Coalcracker]

Botany Class? Can't get enough of Soylent Green, huh? [Kevy]

Let's see ... we put in soylent green, Barfy's intestines, Jeffy's hypno-hair, and a heaping frenzy of dik play. What else goes into a difficult zone pie, Mom? [Riff]

"Big Mack Cletus. Head pimp in the Bumsteads' neighborhood. Also smuggles Soylent Green in from the Difficult Zone." [Dave Matthews]

Yep. They came in here, glued me to the shelf, took all our Soylent Green, made me pull their fingers, and started having phone sex over OUR LINE! Damn those Difficult Zone bandits! [Magus]

" Soylent Oatmeal " is made from Wilfred Brimley!!! [Doc Evil]

Uh, I hate to break this to you Kittycat, but " Soylent Meow Mix " is made outta Heathcliff, Catbert, & Garfield!!! [Doc Evil]

"And you'll stay there untill you learn to stop smuggling Soylent Green in from the Difficult Zone." [The one and only Don C.]

"Pulling one's finger and Soylent Green dishes / 'Food on you, mate!' jokes and dual-nostril wishes / Melonhead SURGE! freaks with hair drawn like strings, these are a few of my difficult things...." [Caption Salvage Crew]

Soylent Gray is Kittycat! It's Kittycat!! [NME]

Soylent cooked barfy......damn......PJ is on the milk carton...damn damn damn...if this blizzard doesn't end we will never get out of this impossible zone! [Waldo]

This new, limited edition plate from the Franklin Mint depicts all the DFC impossible zones: Thel cooking soylent green and/or the pets, Jeffy in his most beloved sexual position, Dolly grappling with the realization that she will never be as popular as Jeffy, Bil's addled attempt at detail, all while a stoned Billy looks on. A "must have" for serious DFCers! [The 13th Angel]

I won't use that dandruff shampoo. Selsun Blue is people! [Ken]

The underground film noir, Soylent Green Eggs And Ham, featured this controversial seduction scene between Son Of Sam-I-Am and Nature The Dog. Keane wrote this film while in prison for crimes against Nature. [Heath]

Here you are, m'sieur -- Soylent verde with potage du chien a la Barfee. This is why we got all those red stars from Michelin. Bon appetit! [Gen. Sedgwick]

Okay, everyone give a hand to Agnes Crabtree who won the "I Want to Appear in the Difficult Zone" contest with the correct answers of Marfan and Vice Pope Doug! For those of you playing at home, the DZs in this panel: (a)Jeffy uses his Hypno-Hair on Agnes; (b)PJ offers her the chance to pull his finger; (c)Dolly enters with "Extreme Shopping!!! SURGE!!!; (d)Billy pulls off a double by trippin his nutsak while using poop to remain wher he is; (e)while Thel gives a rousing Food on you, plate!; (f) the cart is full of Soylent Green and Psychic Ferns; and finally (g) Bill and Roy stayed at home to do drugs and sodomize young boys!!! Again, thank you Agnes! Everyone at the DFC hopes to see you again soon! [Elbow (who think that there ain't a chance in Hell this will make it to green.)]

They're made of people! Soylent Fritters are made of flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and people! [me, myself, I (defying the Difficult Zone)]

"Me gustas del Soylent Verde!" "Trippo mi tuercasaco en un frenesi del juego del dick!" In Mexico, nothing's Impossible! Watch El Rojo Zone on Univision! [Heath [thanks to Altavista!]]

Coming soon in a limited engagement, the Keane Family Players' Mary Poppins. Come out and hear all your favorites including Just a spoonful of soylent helps the methadrine go down, Oh it's a jolly holiday with you, Roy, Hookerlongnecksingletitcookthedogandpolish, and of course Feed the oing, tuppence a jar. Call now, tickets are going fast. [Ken]

"Don't start pulling that holier-than-thou bullshit on me now -- you've known for years that it's people." --Helder

"No, it's NOT people, but if you say that one more time, it damn will be." --Helder

Okay, okay...the burger-thing that Jeffy is dreaming about and the fact that Thel is both serving non soylent based food AND showing lotsa leg is just a diversion, the real action is - Who or what is Bil buggering at the table, a muppet? --Mr. Yummy Pants

"It's newlyweds, P.J.! SOYLENT RICE IS NEWLYWEDS!" --scoob (just had to try)

"It's cod and whitefish! SOYLENT FISHSTICKS ARE COD AND WHITEFISH!" --scoob

Soylent People is made out of greens! No wait, that's not right. Give me a second here...--Anastasia

SOYLENT GRE---! Oh, sorry, I just had a flashback to like 400 panels ago.--Roy